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I Regret Breaking Up With My Ex Boyfriend (Regret Breaking Up With Him Months Later)

by Michael Hamilton 4 months ago in breakups
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So you're thinking to yourself, I regret breaking up with my ex boyfriend and you're looking for what you should be doing right now to get him back. I know exactly how you feel, because I was in the same boat. Read on to find out what to do if you regret breaking up with him months later.

It's been said that love is what makes the world go 'round, but it can be a rough ride! Your relationship with him is over... or is it? Here we give you some tips on how to win him back. Before we start, let's take a look at this excellent guy and all of his virtues. While the relationship may have ended in a bitter quarrel, that's all part of the love relationship. What you need to do now is think about why you want to win him back, before you start strategizing on how to win him back. Fair enough.

First, what happened? Did you decide you were just fed up with all his quirky ways? Did he cheat on you? Did you cheat on him? What attracted you to him in the first place? You need to do a little review of the relationship and decide if you really want to win him back and, why. Many times, people break up over some pretty inconsequential issues.

OK, so you're sure you want him. You're not just insulted now because he's seeing someone new and you can't bear the thought. You want to know how to win him back because he's really your true love.

Ironclad rules, numbers one, two and three: You must be honest in your communications with him. Do not appear desperate (there's nothing more pathetic?and unsuccessful). Do not be vindictive (if he's seeing someone else), because that will get you nowhere. If you really want to know how to win him back, you absolutely must follow these rules to the letter.

If you're the one who ended the relationship, you might begin with a genuine apology, doused with plenty of honesty. If you think he may not accept a call from you, try sending him an e-card. You can write your apology there and also let him know all of the things you love him for - a little honest flattery doesn't hurt! Take advantage of the animated and musical options of e-cards to help you touch that tender spot in his heart.

If this doesn't result in him making contact within a week?yes, you should wait that long?you don't want to appear desperate (see rule number 2), then it may be time for a love letter, the type you send through the regular post. Here, you can reveal your inner thoughts in as great detail as you find appropriate. You might consider expanding on just what you love about him and where things might have gone wrong. This strategy gives you plenty of time to review your letter, refining and editing such that his heart will surely melt. Are you taking an emotional chance? Yes. You need to consider that you've thought this through carefully, and how to win him back is your ultimate goal.

It's interesting to note that taking all of these steps may result in your deciding it's not worth it, but that's OK too. If he simply isn't worth the effort or humiliation you may begin to perceive you're suffering, then perhaps it's time to move on.

On the other hand, if he shows up on your doorstep with candy and flowers (or whatever turns you on), then all your soul-searching and agonizing over your words was worthwhile. Your 'how to win him back' plan is a success! Now, it's time to plan a romantic candlelight dinner for two!

3 Easy Ways to Show Your Ex You Still Care

How do you look in the eyes of your Ex during the break up? If you look unwilling to accept the break up and desperate you could shut all doors for any future with your Ex. But if you show compassion with the willingness to accept their decision that will go a long way towards fixing the relationship and may open the door to show your Ex you still care for them.

Below are 3 qualities a person looks for in their partner and lover. Each of them has a brief explanation with them to help you think before you act impulsively. These explanations may help you gather your thoughts enough to be that person you once were back when your Ex first fell in love with you. Then you will be able to show your Ex you still care for them.

1. A caring heart and soul.

The most necessary quality a person usually looks for in that special someone is his or her heart and soul. When your Ex met you maybe he or she seen in you a person who was able to show them a special kind or love? You may have gotten together in the first place because you both shared a mutual love and respect for each other.

If your Ex sensed a change in your heart and soul it could have been the core reason why you and your Ex started arguing and eventually broke up. Trying to push your way back into his or her heart right after the break up will confirm what they were sensing. Respecting their decision and taking the time to let things settle will give your Ex some time to start thinking about those feelings you guys once shared.

2. Some one you can communicate with.

Communication is a key part to a lasting relationship. Many relationships communication is important to bring couples closer. Especially during hard times good communication makes it easier to discussing problems so you both can work things out..

When you and your Ex got together surely you both had plenty to talk about. When things started going bad in the relationship were you able to talk about it? Had your communication still been good or was your time together filled with silence most the time?

Trying to communicate now right after a break up is a bad idea. Both of you are really upset and can say things you don't mean. You are probably not able to think straight and saying something can look needy and outrageously self-serving. Your Ex is just fed up with the direction the relationship heading. His or her defenses are heightened to filter you out and any attempt to "just talk" may end up making them treat you cruelly just to get rid of you.

3. Sharing similar interests.

Sharing similar interests will help in strengthening a relationship. It allows you both the opportunity to do those special things you share as a couple once in a while. When your Ex first fell in love with you did you both have like things you were able to do together? When was the last time you made plans with your Ex to do any of them? Not as frequently or not at all? Or maybe you liked doing these things with your friends over him or her?

Now that you are broken up don't try showing up where you use to share those interests with your ex. You will only end up more desperate when your Ex is not there. Or even worse you will be crushed even more when he or she is there and ignores you, shows up there with a date, or leaves you there with your mouth open. Just let them have their time and space to cool down. Chances are they will miss you. If they start to miss you they will welcome bumping into you at a later date. If not then you are more prepared to accept things and move on with your life.

So if you want to show your ex you still care about them do it when you can be the person you were when they first fell in love with you. Give them time to disprove their decisions to break things off and start missing you first. Then wait for them to bump into you.

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