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I moved on

by Chels about a year ago in breakups

To someone better.

I moved on

Hold on this is going to be a long one. A couple years ago I was dating someone who I thought could have been the one I was going to live the rest of my life with. WRONG. I was with him for 4 in a half years. We had literally been through a lot.

I was a junior going on a senior in high school when I started working at a camp. We met while I was working there. I was also dating someone at the time that I barley knew. Weird I know, believe me. But that's a different story possibly for a different time. Anyways, we broke up. Then I met this boy at camp. We started hanging out a lot and by the end of the summer he got my number. That's when we started talking non-stop. I wanted to learn everything about this boy. He lived an hour and a half away from me.

Okay so senior prom, he went with me but didn't if that makes sense. He went to a different school than I did, but he sat at the bar all night eating chips and deep fried pickles. He talked to a complete stranger to him all night. He didn't want to know his name he just wanted to hang out with him. The whole night he didn't even dance with me once so it was like the other times I went to prom with my friends. I was hurt and I let him know about it as soon as we got into my junk of a car to go back to my house. He apologized so I just kinda brushed it off.

When we both graduated I got a full time job at the hospital working as a dietary aid. I liked it there for a while, Boss wasn't all that great but I loved all of the ladies I worked with. I still lived with my mom at the time, working to get myself a car that actually loved to run. I would make an effort to go see him all the time since he had no desire to get his license. Which made me mad, I shouldn't have been the one to drive to him all of the time. I was making somewhat good money so my grandpa helped me get a loan and I got my very first car that I worked for myself. I felt awesome for my accomplishment since my dad didn't wanna help me in anyway. My mom was however proud of what I had done.

Anyways fast forward to 3 years later. Yeah I stayed that long and drove to him all of that time. I cared about him that much. He brought up getting an apartment together so I agreed only so I wouldn't have to drive all of that time to get there. He found one and I had to move an hour and a half away from my family. Don't get me wrong it was nice to finally move out of the house and start my own life, but I still miss living there and having morning coffee with my mom, sister, and grandpa.

Well we got the apartment but he had his friend and his friends girlfriend move in with us because we wouldn't have been able to handle the rent ourselves, I had to find a different job. Eventually we all got tired of one another and they moved out leaving me and him. He then invited another one of his friends to live with us. Big mistake. He was a big alcoholic (still is from what I hear) I would find things moved all around the apartment everyday. The dishes would be in a different spot and silverware, anything you name it. So that was pretty annoying, I like knowing where everything is in my kitchen. When he was plastered he missed the toilet on several occasions mostly for number 2. One time it was all over the hallway. Well I'm sorry for branching out again, back to the story.

I was talking to my boyfriend the one day while I was at work at my new job. He told me he had something to give me and that when I came home it was on the dresser. Okay well I got off around 12:30 am, I had to close that night. I came home to him sleeping and I woke him up asking what this box was for. He told me to open it and I did, then he asked me to marry him. It was the most unromantic way of asking. He wasn't prepared. I was expecting like flowers and maybe a little paragraph as to why he was asking me, you know the usual stuff you see when someone proposes. Nope. But I said yes anyways (now knowing it was a mistake). He had the ring handmade from one of his moms friends which I thought was pretty cute. He then decided to tell me that the diamond came from one of his sisters rings she got from one of her ex's. Like why would you tell me that and ruin it.

Another year went by. Everything started to go down hill. He still didn't have his license so I was driving him and myself to work which was a lot of gas money that he didn't help with at all. When we both got home from work I asked him when he was going to be trying for his license cause he can't rely on me taking him to work all of the time. That's when things got heated. He yelled at me and threw and broke a chair, punched a wall you name it. Not sure why he had to throw that big of a tantrum over one question. Well it wasn't the end of the violence.

When he started getting physical that's when I started to back off. I was hanging out with my friend more so I wouldn't of had to go home. I was spending the night over at her place a night or two just til he chilled out. I went home the next day and he was apologizing and I told him I wanted nothing to do with his violence. I gave back the engagement ring and told him to get himself together. I have never seen him cry so hard in my life, but it had to be done. We split completely a week later and he moved out of the apartment. That's when he decided to go try for his license and get help with his anger problems. It was just his friend and I living there now.

I started talking to this other guy that lived in town (another story for another time obviously). It was right around when the friend I was staying with broke up with her boyfriend too. They had a mutual breakup though so it wasn't bad for them. Turns out my friend and I were talking to brothers. They had their own house so we would go over there and hangout with them. That's when I started dating my other half, have been going strong for almost 3 years. When he proposed to me it was like it was supposed to be but he couldn't afford a ring so he did it with a bubble gum type ring. It was cute and I appreciated it. We now have a baby girl who is almost 4 months old. I literally couldn't be anymore happier, I love what I have going on for myself.

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