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I'm Unhappy In My Marriage But Don't Want To Leave (I'm Unhappy In My Marriage But Can't Leave)

Are you having one of those times where you're freaking out and thinking I'm unhappy in my marriage but don't want to leave? Well if you are I want to say I'm sorry. I know that this is a terrible and scary thing to go through. This happens to a lot of marriages and frankly there's usually one main reason that causes you to be in a position where you're saying I'm unhappy in my marriage but can't leave.

By Ron CollinsPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

How do we say that a man and a woman have a good marriage? And what does it take for couples to make their marriage a good one?

Ideally, a marriage is the legal and official binding of a man and a woman brought together by love, respect, trust, and their desire to be together. Marriage is both a more blissful and complicated arena than singlehood, and keeping it is another thing. A man or woman can say that they have a good marriage if they are both growing as individuals and as a couple. Personal growth in both parties can be measured as to their emotional, professional, and psychological maturity.

A grown up or matured couple has good communication, respect for each other, trusts each other, loves each other, and takes all steps to compliment despite differences. Marital problems are inevitable and one marriage separates it from the others as to how the couple deals with it. The most basic key to marital problem resolution is constant communication achieved through speaking and listening. You have a good marriage if you can talk to your partner about anything without hesitation.

When you come across a friend, you can easily say that her or his marriage is happy. A husband or a wife talks about his/her spouse to almost everyone he meets, especially to friends. There is also radiance on how that person speaks about his/her partner, because happiness is seen. You'll know you have a good marriage because your relatives, neighbors, and everybody else around you can see it through you. They tell you about it too.

Having a good marriage is a result of a step by step process. The dating stage is its basic foundation, how well you know your partner and vice versa. Even in the dating or the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, conflicts are already present. More serious and complicated conflicts are faced after you have tied the knot. According to Amy Waterman on Save My Marriage Today, just because you love your partner doesn't mean you can stop the arguing and disagreements. Clearly, love isn't everything to have a good marriage and keep one.

It takes two brave individuals to get married, two braver individuals to have a good marriage, and two bravest individuals to make a marriage last.

10 Tips For a Happy Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven, but then who is it that really causes marriages to end up in bitterness? We ourselves more often than not the real culprits in bringing differences and turning relationships sour. Bad things happen in relationships, especially between spouses when egos clash and either of the partners refuses to forgive and forget small mistakes. Here are 10 tips that will surely help you keep your married life happy and eternal.

1. Accepting your spouse the way he or she is - Quite often spouses are unhappy with each other because they did not turn out to be who they expected the other one to be. Some people have preconceived notion about how their spouses should look, behave, talk and even walk. Behavioural changes take years and any undue pressure may severely strain your relationships.

2. Find what makes your spouse happy - It's very important to understand your partner and give them an opportunity to do what they enjoy the most. Believe it, if your partner is happy, he or she will always try to provide you with the same space and freedom which would ultimately lead to long lasting and satisfying relationship.

3. Share responsibilities - Share some household chores. If you are the wife, try and see if you can do something your husband is expected to do in the house. If you are the husband, try and help your wife around the house with some chores. Such things help improve bonding and shows that you care.

4. Respect each other - You must learn to respect your spouse and never allow bad words or anything that causes hurt to come between the two of you. Do not use loose words even when trying to resolve an argument.

5. Spend time together - Spend quality time together even if you happen to have kids. Spending quality time certainly doesn't call for a long holiday in an exotic resort. A walk in the park where you can enjoy each other's company without having to bother about household chores or personal or professional problems can go a long way in making your married life happier than ever.

6. Maintain a healthy physical relationship - In most families, even till today, discussing anything about sex is taboo. Many don't understand the importance of maintaining a healthy physical relationship. Such a situation can often cause your partner to feel deprived of love and even force them to cheat on you.

7. Bring some changes in your behaviour - This is perhaps the toughest part but someone has to take the initiative. Start making small changes in your behaviour and attitude, especially if it makes your spouse any happier. Don't wait for your partner to take the lead, go ahead and see how beautifully it affects your relationship.

8. Consult each other - In many relationships spouses tend to feel quite detached from each other, especially when either of them doesn't open up or discusses issues that concern each other or their professional or personal lives. Try and discuss whatever you can, not only will it help increase your bonding but also reduce the stress on your mind.

9. Communicate - Learn the art of communication. Be communicative, nobody can completely comprehend the language of silence or read what is going through your mind unless you speak it out. Don't hold back your thoughts and let them out so that your partner knows when something is wrong or when you want something to be done.

10. Empathise with each other - Try and see how life looks from each other's shoes. If your spouse is hard working and is the family's bread winner, appreciate him or her for doing that. If your partner is the house-maker, try and appreciate all the hard work, dedication and sacrifices that he or she has made to keep the home of your dreams just like you wanted it to be.

These are small things, which are often overlooked in a relationship when spouses tend to take each other for granted and do not understand that they are two different human beings who have to learn to adapt and cooperate.

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