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I care about me

By Isis Lyons Published 9 months ago 3 min read

Maybe I could’ve tried harder, but I simply didn’t want to. My heart hurts, but it’s worth the burn. I’m not going to blame you for the beginning and ending of us because I know I have a big part to play in this. But thank you for allowing me to learn that being single is way more fun than falling in love. Next time I have an opportunity to meet someone amazing instead of falling in love I will grow in love. Instead of feeding into the next I love you I will just smile and nod. I’ve come to the understanding that everyone wants love, but doesn’t know how to love someone. And maybe just maybe I’m that someone. I don’t know how to love just anyone. I’m picky with the love I give out; I don’t want to love everyone because not everyone is deserving of my love. The only human being I will love unconditionally is myself and my son, Aje. I will never expect anything from him because he’s my responsibility. Not the other way around. He doesn’t owe me anything but I owe him my life. I’m not sure why parents feel the need to tell their children that they’re ungrateful because it’s not the child who should be thankful, it’s the parent who should be. Through the parent living by example of gratitude and thankfulness the child should grow accustomed to that lifestyle. There’s some people on this earth that don’t have a mother who loves them unconditionally which is why they lack empathy for everyone else other than themselves. They walk around pretending that they’re broken due to what another human being did to them. I’m not here to judge them; I’m just here to shine light on that very fact. I’m okay with being the only person around me that’s reaching for happiness and peace. No, I don’t care about money, I don’t care about a house, I don’t care about materialistic things. I appreciate my material world, but I’m holding onto my soul. I’m holding onto my spirit. I’m holding onto me. I will not get trapped in the lives of another. I will not play victim, or get upset when someone else is living in their own head. Whatever someone does to me they’re doing to themselves. Whatever I do to someone else, I’m doing to myself. We’re all just mirrors for each other; we only project what we feel. When people try to limit me they’re only limiting themselves. I’m not mad at anyone, I’ve forgiven everyone. I’m ready to start my new abundant life. I’m not carrying old feelings with me to this new chapter in my life. I’m too grateful to have ungrateful people around me. Sorry not sorry, but I choose me. I don’t care about being seen as selfish, bitter or angry. I'm passionate, demanding and I’m in control of my own life.

I just cut off my fling; he wasn’t right for me. My advice to you guys is to never online date unless you just want something casual and/ or shallow. I’m too deep and too loving for something that won’t help me grow as a human being. I’m not going to feel low, or small anymore. Any friendship or romantic relationship that makes me feel small is cut from my life. That goes for family as well; I’m disconnecting from anyone who isn’t helping me serve me purpose. I will no longer settle for the bare minimum; I deserve so much more than that. I’m a queen and I deserve royalty treatment. I treat everyone around me with care and love until I feel unloved. I know for a fact that I’m in the wrong reality. I’m around the wrong people. I’m not meant to be here. People around me want to drag me down because they’re going down. But guess what. The Divine is right by my side. Every battle I had to fight was fought for me. I have never had to lift a finger in my life. You think I’m going to start now? I’m not. I do enough just by being myself, I do enough just by doing what I’m able to. Don’t underestimate my comfortability. That’s just because I’ve mastered peace, but I’ve never been a naturally comfortable person. I’ve been alchemizing my life to be this way.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 9 months ago

    This is great! Sometimes you got to do you! Fantastic work! Wonderful!

Isis Lyons Written by Isis Lyons

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