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I Lied To My Husband And Now He Wants A Divorce (I Lied To My Husband And He Found Out)

Are you sitting in a marriage right now where you're sadly saying I lied to my husband and now he wants a divorce? If so then you have to move fast, because it may be getting close to the "too late" time. If you're in a situation where you're saying I lied to my husband and he found out, then this might be the most important thing you've ever read.

By Hailey SadiePublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Conflicts between couples can lead to arguments then divorce. Many would ask how to rebuild trust in a relationship and analysing the cause of the conflict is one way to find solutions to it. There can be countless reasons, some minor while some may be major to cause big impact on the relationship. One of the reasons would the mishandling of something fragile called trust.

Where things have gone wrong, you would want to be careful where you tread. Now that your partner has possibly lost trust in you, every action you take may make your partner wary and overly alert for the slightest mistakes.

Your actions speak louder than your words. Doing something, getting things completed, or producing some results may become more important at this point. Consider against making promises or proclaiming you will do something, then sit back and hope that something good will happen along the way. It might be worse if all you do is tell your partner to do the job while you sit back and merely watch, or raise your partner's hopes high only to let it crash down because it was just mere words you said.

Along the way, do consider accepting blames and admitting your mistakes. Your relationship would be fragile at this point and the smallest disagreements could break into major quarrels. If you made any mistakes, do owe up and not hide it, because your partner would see it as another fault in you. Do not shift the blame or try to avoid the accusatory finger, because it displays a cowardly side of you that is unwilling to face the truth.

Try to see things from your partner's perspectives. You may be the victim, suffering a broken trust because your partner had a secret affair, but if you had put yourself in your partner's shoes to learn about what happen, you might be able to understand your partner a little better. At the same time, see yourself on the receiving end of your reprimands and to see how your words have been painful to your partner. Reprimands may have been too light punishment, but they can still hurt. By showing mercy, you could make your partner feel remorse and encourage him to repent.

Get second opinions on the situation. You are viewing your relationship from the victim's point, for example, while your partner is seeing it as the guilty one. Your family might see it as the fault of the mailman for being a clumsy oaf and they may be right. Your counsellor may see it as an act of exaggerated expressions because you two may not actually want to divorce. Find out from what others think and feel and reconsider again if a divorce is the best way to go about things.

Divorcing is not as easy as it sounds if you two are not emotionally prepared. Rethink about your situation, look over it again, preferably together with your partner, and see if there really is no way out of a divorce. Trust has been somewhat of a thin glass so maintaining it could be difficult to just about anyone.

Steps to Strengthening Your Marriage

All couples go through struggles in a marriage at some point. There is no perfect marriage. However, it is how these struggles are dealt with that can bring renewed love and focus to one's life. Communication, ultimately 'open communication' is an essential tool in building a strong marriage. If the lines of communication are broken down there will most definitely be contention and discord in our lives. Couples cannot truly share a life together if they are not willing to share feelings and listen to each other. Relationships must be built on honor, trust and respect for one another. It is so important for couples to always be showing each other how much they are loved and valued. When a partner doesn't feel appreciated in a marriage this is leaving the door wide open for dissention to come in.

Emotional needs must be met in order for each partner to be fulfilled in a marriage. The way that you treat your spouse on a daily basis can create feelings of anxiety and sadness or feelings of love and happiness. Fulfillment and happiness should be the ultimate goals. Negative or unkind words can tear at your spouse's heart. These words or attitudes can break the love connection. Couples must learn to overcome these destructive ways and reinforce protection and respect for one's spouse. Security and knowing that you are completely safe to share your feelings is a marriage builder. Choosing to be positive and thinking of your spouse's feelings before your own is of utmost importance. Be willing to openly discuss uncomfortable issues, even if you don't agree with them. Share your feelings and let your spouse share theirs without being rejected or beaten down.

Resolving conflict creates greater intimacy in the marriage. If couples feel safe they will be able to be honest and open with each other. This can foster a deeper love for each other. Distrust and dishonesty are destroyers of love. Without honesty in a marriage it is impossible to solve conflicts and issues that arise. Through honesty you come to know more of the heart and soul of your spouse and develop a greater respect. In order to completely trust and understand one's spouse, honesty must be number one. Couples need to create time to spend alone with each other. This must be made a priority in a marriage. Make time somehow, to talk and listen to each other giving undivided attention to one another. In order to meet each other's emotional needs couples must spend time together, being close, sharing conversation, doing an activity and sharing intimacy. Time equals love. Strengthening your personal relationship with Jesus can improve your marriage and strengthen your love and commitment to each other as well. Pray together, read a devotional together. A Christ-centered home is the foundation on which a great marriage is built. A strong foundation brings meaning and purpose to every area of our life. We cannot rely on our own strength; we live in a fallen world with temptations all around us. We must let Jesus work in and through us as we seek to live out holy lives. We must commit our marriages to God and ask him to protect us and keep us pure in our thoughts and daily living.

Marriage is a balance of living and loving, embracing change and new growth. It entails being available to our partners, laughing and crying together, sharing our goals and dreams and passions together. Learning to forgive and let go of past hurts. Couples need to develop good habits of sharing issues and feelings in a caring and loving way so their partners feel safe and don't become defensive. Otherwise communication will break down. Remember to love, love, love, unconditionally. Let everything be done in love.

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