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I know it exists because...

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By Lindsey DonatPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
I know it exists because...
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I know that love exists.

I know that it exists because I’ve seen it magically unfold in moments large and small.

I’ve seen it in the moments when she was royally pissed because he had been working in the garage all night, but she remained patient because she knew that’s just how he operated.

I’ve seen it when she watched TV, and he climbed onto the couch and hugged or play-fought with her.

I’ve seen it in his exhausted expression when she was worried sick about one of us, and he pleaded with us to cut the crap so she could get some relief.

I’ve seen it when she read in the car as he made up silly lyrics to songs and pinched her legs to make her laugh.

I’ve seen it when I cried alone in my bed and she came to sit with me. She has probably listened for hours.

I’ve seen it when she woke up at 4am to finish doing my laundry and pack up my car before a long, solo drive.

I’ve seen it when he took me for a drive and bought me a shamrock shake from McDonald's just because I was feeling down.

I’ve seen it when he wrote me a letter before I left for Australia saying just how proud he was of me.

I’ve seen it when he almost busted the window out of my ex boyfriend’s car with a bag of his own possessions during a particularly ugly break up.

I’ve seen it when he let me cry on his (literal) shoulder for what seemed like hours.

I’ve seen it when he braved a snowstorm to get pizza and chocolate for me, because I was too afraid to drive.

I’ve seen it when she cried after admitting she felt like she needed to be strong for me, despite fighting her own heartbreaking battle.

I’ve seen it when she stayed with me in the bathroom at a strip club as I bawled into her collarbone over a cheating ex.

I’ve seen it when she made me a profile on for chinchilla care so I could come home for the weekend.

I’ve seen it when they busted their backs and sweated out of every pore in their body to move all my things to the third floor. Twice in one year.

I’ve seen it when they gave (give) the middle finger each time they drive by my ex-boyfriend’s *parents'* house.

I've seen it when she defended me from harassment at a nightclub on my 24th birthday.

I’ve seen it when she let me back into her life after we had both said terrible, unforgivable things to each other (that we will never speak of again).

I’ve seen it when they drove 9 hours to bring him home to safety.

I’ve seen it when she simultaneously yelled at me for making bad decisions while holding my hair as I vomited in the toilet.

I’ve seen it when she sent me 40 snapchats in one night because she missed me.

I've seen it when he left his warm bed each morning to curl up beside me, his favorite human, on the couch.

I've seen it when he bought me a notebook with my favorite dog breed on the cover, just because he knew it would make me smile.

....And I wish I could radiate even half of the love that these souls have given me throughout my life.

Where have you seen love exist?


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