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I discovered I was a Highly Sensitive Person

by sara trif 3 months ago in review / list / humanity / fact or fiction
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We may improve our lives and relationships

I discovered I was a Highly Sensitive Person
Photo by Coline Haslé on Unsplash

Simply said, some of us feel more than others.

Have you ever experienced the feeling that the pressure of a social event is too much for you to bear? All you want is a moment to yourself as people around you chat loudly and say things.

Just the other night, a girl I liked took a group of her friends out to the bars. She was the life of the gathering, going from group to group, laughing and enjoying herself. I was in almost exactly the opposite frame of mind; I felt lonely, lovelorn, and unsure of our connection.

I was unable to engage in meaningful conversation with anyone in the bar because I was so sensitive to the sensation of romantic ambiguity. Whatever I did, thoughts of the girl and her acts would occasionally cross my mind. No matter how hard I tried, I felt as though the atmosphere of the night was suffocating me.

I discovered I was a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, at that point. Simply put, I am more affected by emotions than most people are.

I am aware that many of us are deemed "too sensitive." Perhaps our emotions are too strong. Sometimes we become engrossed in the moment's excitement or just find it difficult to move over the pain caused by someone else's carelessness or rudeness.

You may also be an HSP if you frequently cry at amusing movies or ball out when something makes you think of a breakup.

If you're an HSP, you can find yourself in tight relationships with people who don't really get how sensitive you are. They either do things that, to them, don't register as neglect like they do for you, or they say things that hurt you but don't understand why you're hurt.

Not certain if you are an HSP? Here are a few traits you might possess if you are:

Feeling intensely

Deep emotion can be both beneficial and detrimental. On a deeper level, we can appreciate things that are lovely like nature and art, but we can also sense conflict and personal suffering.

It's likely that you may be an HSP if you discover that you avoid conflict due to strong emotions. For an HSP, any friction or argument with another person can be crippling, even to the point of making them feel ill.

We are profoundly affected by other people.

People are both a blessing and a curse for HSPs. HSPs are far more sensitive to other people's emotions due to their extremely observant nature. This can be excellent if the surroundings are upbeat, welcoming, and cozy. HSPs may benefit from this.

HSPs, however, can detect a toxic or unfavorable mood. If you're an HSP, you could discover that small actions someone takes help you comprehend the emotions they're experiencing. It might seem like a dagger in the heart when someone is angry, offended, or short with you.

I became tense for me when I noticed how short and avoidant she was with me. By the end of the night, this feeling had infiltrated everything around it and was the only thing I could sense.

Environmental Impact Is Critical

HSPs are capable of more than just observing their surroundings. Highly sensitive people can sense the energy and mood of their surroundings. We are typically the first to notice when something is wrong with the lighting, design, or atmosphere.

You are either drawn to or turned off by an environment as a highly sensitive individual. If everything is running smoothly, you might experience excitement, comfort, and vigor. If it's not working, the surroundings could make you uneasy and desire to run away.

It frequently involves both the energy of the individuals present and the energy of the environment. This implies that an environment can alter based on who is present in it.

I occasionally experience this when I visit my neighborhood coffee shop. Sometimes when I enter there, I just get the feeling that something is off, so I leave and go somewhere else.

There are websites and groups available for those who fall under the category of highly sensitive persons. Being an HSP can be challenging, but you can adapt to it.

Managing your environment and developing conflict resolution skills might be effective methods to counterbalance your highly sensitive tendencies.

And never forget that we're constantly evolving. The negative traits of being an HSP can be minimized while the positive traits, including a love of beauty and empathy for others, are emphasized.

We may improve our lives and relationships by mastering these strategies, in addition to learning to live sensitively.

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