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I Cheated On My Boyfriend and He Broke Up With Me (I Cheated On My Boyfriend But I Love Him And Want Him Back)

by Michael Jaxon 6 months ago in breakups · updated 3 months ago
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I'm always asked, I cheated on my boyfriend and he broke up with me, is there any way to get him back? My answer to this question is yes. There are both honest and dirty ways to get your boyfriend back. It is not easy but it is not impossible because you are dealing with emotions here. If you love him and want him back, you have some hard work ahead of you.

If you are one of the millions of people who are separated from their ex and now you want him back, then there are numerous ways of to go about doing accomplishing the task. However, if the reason why your ex left you is because you cheated, then getting you ex boyfriend back will need to be an extraordinary task; coupled with a strategic game plan. Remember, if you cheated on your ex then that was the single most damaging act you could have done in your relationship. Therefore, if you expect your ex to take you back and like you never betrayed him then you are not being realistic. The decision to forgive someone after being betrayed is not as easy as getting over an argument that got out of control.

Everyone has gotten comfortable with the fact that men are the ones who normally would cheat on their ex. However, currently, women are more and more becoming the guilty parties for stepping out on their lovers and they are the ones trying to save their relationship from getting derailed.. So, even if you figure out how to you win you ex-boyfriend back, after constantly cheating on him, the probability of ending up with a solid, loving, and trusting relationship is very high if you do not continue to be a professional cheater.

Evaluate your relationship

The fact that you have cheated on your boyfriend goes to show that something must be wrong somewhere. You should therefore evaluate your relationship closely before you decide to get your boyfriend back. Do you get what you want from the relationship? No matter how deep your love is, you will not be able to maintain your relationship for long if you feel that you are being short-changed.

You should find out the thing that you do not get from your relationship. For you to have been attracted to another man there must be something different that he offered you, which you did not get from your boyfriend.

Could it be that you felt that he appreciated you more than your boyfriend did? Appreciation is at the root of many affairs, for women generally want men who appreciate them just as they are. If you want to get your boyfriend back, you should determine how you are going to solve the thing that pushed you to the other guy in the first place.

You should understand that people show appreciation in a variety of ways. If you would like to get your boyfriend back, you should not just focus on your side. Find the simple ways in which you should appreciate your boyfriend. You should not wait for some major achievements before you give your appreciation, but appreciate him in the simple things that he does. This will in turn make him more appreciative of you as well.

On your boyfriend's part, the simple acknowledgement of how you make his day will go a long way in making you feel appreciated. Perhaps you need some tangible signs of appreciation, such as a bouquet of flowers. If you find another man who does this more readily than your boyfriend, it will be very tempting for you to start cheating on him.

With that said, here are 6 important "words of wisdom" to follow while working at getting your ex back after your infidelity.

1. Understand that you are not going to win your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend in one single night. It is going to take a serious commitment and the willingness to put in the leg work, for as long as it takes, to get things right with your ex or get your ex-boyfriend to be willing to give you another chance. If he is willing to trust you and take you back then know that it will require you to start rebuilding that trust your ex once had in you. It will not be easily; nevertheless, it is possible. Now, the rebuilding back of that trust will be gradually. And you must focus on re-establishing a serious commitment where there is trust again instead of looking back to the pre-cheating days.

2. Prior to you trying to get back your ex back, think back and evaluate the reasons why you cheated in the first place. Was it because he was working too much and he was not spending a whole lot of time with you at home? Was it because you thought having sex with someone else was not a big deal? Is it that you thought the relationship was not what is use to be or perfect anymore? Analyze the reasons and your actions and make up your mind that you want to get things to where they were before the cheating.

3. Do not make the mistake of confusing a guilty conscious with the desire to win back you ex-boyfriend in order to stay together. Meaning, cheating on your husband is a serious situation; more so than cheating on your boyfriend. Both occurrences are bad. In other words, you really need to figure out why you cheated or you will repeat the same thing in the future.

4. Facing up to your wrong and apologizing for what you did goes a long way. Apologize your cheating ways, the hurt and pain they caused, and make up your mind that he is all that you need. Here is the hardest part: Let him be or be left alone. He will need to be left to himself in order for him to decide whether or not you are genuine and need to be taken back.

5. Take responsibility! Stop putting the blame on him. If you want to win your ex back putting the fault on him by telling him it is all his fault will not win him back. The reason being, you would be adding insult to injury if you did. Furthermore, you would make him take and defensive position and block you completely; causing the line of communication to break. As long as the line of communication is open there is hope, as soon as it ceases it is over.

6. Start putting his needs first. Here is an important secret about me: ego is everything! A man will die for his ego and there is nothing else that would make your ex feels special other than putting his needs first. Is that too much? If it is then just know that there is no one else who can win your ex back, after you hurt him, other than you. The bottom line is this: put your needs on the back burner until as an honest effort on your part to repair your relationship is made.

Last words: sometimes the only way to figure out what went wrong in your relationship with your ex, and how to fix it, is to go to relationship professional. If you can't seem to move forward, consider getting the help you need to win back your ex.

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