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I Can't Stop Crying Since My Husband Left Me (When Your Husband Leaves You And You Want Him Back)

It's not right that you're sitting there thinking I can't stop crying since my husband left me. It must be tough for you. In fact I know it is. You see, I was in your exact position for...well...too long. This article will show you exactly what to do when your husband leaves you and you want him back.

By Ron CollinsPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Look around you and you are likely to find half of the marriages ending in a divorce or where the husband has deserted his wife. No matter what the duration of the marriage was or the number and age of the children from the marriage, husbands (as well as wives) these days have less patience and more freedom in terms of financial independence and choice of other partners. If you are currently facing a situation where your husband has left you and you are trying getting your husband back, you have to start the process with some deep introspection, instead of plunging into hasty decisions straightaway. Here are some guidelines and food for thought in getting your husband back:

Stop presuming things. You 'think' there is another woman in his office; you 'think' he does not find you attractive in bed anymore; you 'think' he is bored of you - the list of your presumptions could run into pages. Try to know for sure as to what could be the possible and most likely reasons which made him leave you. This is important to know, as then you could act accordingly in getting your husband back. In stead of relying completely on memory, jot them down so that you can prioritize later.

Do not be a gossip monger about your condition. This means that stop spreading the news of your husband leaving you to all and sundry. You might argue that this is one way of sharing the sorrow, but remember, by this you are unknowingly gathering public sympathy, making yourself more vulnerable to useless advice, baseless opinions and meaningless pointers all of which may not in any way help you in getting your husband back. On the contrary, they leave you confused. If you think of the situation completely unbearable, talk to a close friend who is known to keep secrets and is not a rumor monger.

Stop doing anything which might remotely resemble as if you are broadcasting your hapless condition. In other words do not carry depression on your shirt sleeves. Even if you bump into your husband somewhere behave normal and confident. Arousing pity or sympathy can never take you anywhere in getting your husband back.

It is extremely important to know the reason why your husband left you to formalize a course of action in getting your husband back. For example, if there is another woman in his life - there is very little you can do about it. Face it; there is no point in trying to outdo her in terms of looks and talent. Managing a marriage is not like participating in a race to beat the rivals. Take this failure as another opportunity in disguise. Look within and you might find yourself to be another very talented and beautiful person, and can easily become an asset to society or to another man. Pick up the lost strings and move on. After all, you now have more experience in relationship management and can handle another marriage with lessons learnt.

Depending on the nature of your husband and how forgiving he is, an excellent way in getting your husband back is to admit your mistakes and apologize. Be that as it may, do not hold him to ransom and cite the plight of your children, your finances and other issues in getting your husband back. He would always find 'clever' ways to evade his responsibilities and you would find yourself in the same muck that he left you in.

Remember, a cracked relationship even when repaired to the best of your ability would remain weak for a long period of time. It is hard to find people who move on in a relationship with the same grace and fortitude as before. Be that as it may, this does not stop you from making all out efforts in getting your husband back if you are prepared to face the post-reconciliation situation with élan and forgiveness.

Use These Tips If You Want Him Back

How often has a woman realized that she wants to reconcile with her husband! For many, it is difficult to carry on because they find themselves very much in love with their husbands and they want him back! If you too are struggling with a similar situation and want your husband to come back to you, try out these tips.

Tackle the root problem first

Be honest with yourself and find out what was the root problem that caused him to leave you in the first place. Once you have realized what the cause is you have to tackle it and make sure that it does not exist anymore! This way you have a faint hope that your husband will see the change and come back.

Be willing to be humble

Being humble will always pay off! There is no way you could get your husband to return to you if you refuse to unbend and apologize for all your mistakes. The more you are willing to take responsibility for your faults and are willing to put things right, the greater your chances in getting him to change his mind and come back to you.

Let him know what you think

Keeping mum about the whole thing will only put up more walls and barriers between you. It is important that you talk things over and get him to see that you are willing to make changes in order to get your marriage back on the rails. If you can let him know about what you feel and what you want - he might open up and share his point of view too. This is a good start to patching up!

Let him see the difference in you

Sometimes you may not have to speak a single word - all you have to do is show him how much you have changed for the better. If you don't do the usual things you did - like nag, complain, accuse and judge him, he will automatically feel drawn towards you and might be back.

Forgiveness brings healing

If he is the one to blame and has hurt you in the past, you will have to take a decision as to whether you are willing to forgive him from your heart and forget all that he has done so that if you do make a new start together, there will be absolutely no risk of the relationship getting tainted with the same old references, accusations and unforgiveness.

Let him come back in his own time

Trying to push him or pressure him into returning would be a huge mistake on your part. Not only will he become even more stubborn and reluctant to return but he will resent your bossy nature and feel justified in walking out on you.

Send him pictures of the family

You could subtly remind him of you and the family by sending him some lovely pictures. This will bring back a rush of memories and make him long for you all. Don't force him to acknowledge receipt - just let the pictures do the job of tugging at his heart!

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