I Am Complete in Our New Life

by Olivia Anne Page 10 months ago in love

Part 4 "For the Wife"

I Am Complete in Our New Life

He calls on the mornings he does not wake up next to me. He comes to my apartment to check up on me. I think it's cute. A lot about me disturbs him.

I am a train wreck! Laundry on the floor next to the laundry basket, coffee cups are for water too! sometimes for soup. Washed, painted, unpainted, candle glasses used as "to-go" coffee cups because they fit perfectly in the cup holder of my car.

There's a box of mason jars I'm gonna do something with one day.

There are portraits on the wall of handsome men and women; my inspirations, my friends.

He knows I lie about it. I tell him they are portraits I really like, he knows there's more to it than that. He knows they are my past lovers, There is one of a man standing in the shadows with an amazing lake in the background, I said it came with the frame. He knows I lie.

He goes through my things without asking questions. He has made up his mind about me, I'd like to know but I don't ask.

I don't answer many questions in any case. That was an incomplete time ago. I have happy memories and experiences that will stay with me forever. Taking them down does not change that, he can see me from that time without asking.

He is my happiness now, I am complete.

He likes that I don't take up too much time in the bathroom when getting ready, he dislikes that I just wear anything that fits, and that is passively clean. With some exceptions, of course, don't bother matching panties & bra (if it applies) or socks.

He has excellent taste. He could be on TV! Everything matches, he is such an amazing-looking man!

He sends me Uber eats to work when he loves me. He cooks for me when he will love up on me.

He buys me gifts when he wants to see me smile. He takes me out for walks when he needs to talk about something that's been on his mind.

He rubs my back even when he is tired. He preps baths for me to soak in.

He strikes up small talk, and recommends a movie for us to watch.

He leaves notes and small details around my apartment when he will be gone on a business trip. He wants to make me smile even if he is not there to see. He knows I think of him.

I love to think about him, I hate missing him. He knows I cry.

He doesn't let a day go by without making me feel loved and beautiful!

He sends cute flirty texts throughout the day and responds quickly to mine.

He tells me I'm beautiful in many ways, with compliments, kisses, looks and a secret smile he has when I'm driving him crazy.

He does not understand how I don't watch TV. I am either painting, reading, or making some kind of noise singing or with a piano.

He buys me flowers all the time. I feel like a princess in this apartment, I have everything I need.

I love having him in my life. I carry myself differently. He is so seductive and enchanting.

The mornings after we make love, I am different. I feel untouchable! For the first time I feel like I belong.

I wear a unique smile, of satisfaction! All my friends know I have someone special.

I want to share his light with the world, but I rather keep him for myself. He does not mind that I have not introduced him to my friends yet.

I knew he was the man that lives out what he envisions. Such attention to detail, his outfit, his manners, his ways! I knew it!

My biggest challenge is to stay grounded.

How does one continue life without believing you could fly?

Olivia Anne Page
Olivia Anne Page
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