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I Am Basically A Hot Dude

The type of lady who can change a flat tire while wearing heels but knows she shouldn't have to

By Crystal RaePublished 2 years ago 4 min read
I Am Basically A Hot Dude
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The only thing I really have to show for my history of failed relationships is a new awareness of how independent and not typical lady-like I am. I guess this shouldn't be such a new thing for me. I grew up with uncles and brothers. No sisters and Aunts weren't until later in life per marriage. Being a Montana girl... I grew up hunting, fishing, and helping Grandpa in the garage fixing cars. The perfect twist to that is I also grew up in the kitchen with my Grandma. My fashion sense credit goes directly to my Mother. So you now have the perfect recipe for a smart, sexy, bad-ass woman who can cook, change a flat tire all while wearing a dress and heels. Sounds pretty amazing right?!?

Should be!

What I am learning is that men don't want a woman as such... it makes them feel weak. It makes me them feel inferior. They want arm candy. They want the pretty girl that knows nothing of cars but the color and the brand. They do now want a lady that can out flex them.


Get on board with the latest greatest! The woman who are more than woman.. they are bad-ass! In every way! Why? Some amazing man raised her to be that way! He taught her to be that way in-case she had to be but also raised her to know she should never have to!

I get tired of hearing how I am more manly than most. I don't see it that way. I see it as a person who has learned if you want something done and something done right... you do it yourself. The thought of having to ask for help or play the role of Lois Lane... makes me cringe. I know I have talked about this topic before but it seems to keep coming up and pissing me off more and more!

When a guy wants to hire out a job or call someone else for advice or to fix what ever said problem may be. You don't hear us calling him a girl or make fun of him for being less manly. We consider him to have his shit together or give a high-five for being in a position in life that he can pay for someone else to do it.

See a problem here?

I do not view myself as girly or manly. I view myself as fiercely independent and willing to go the extra mile to make sure whatever it is that needs to be done... I "ta do" it! I do not have the patience or the insecurities to put me on the couch waiting with my "SOS". I only have a drive that asks me what I can do to resolve it.

What I have learned is that I am laid back more than other ladies in my age group. I am more apt to seek adventure these days. I seek peace in every form. I want to live my life without some stereo-type floating above me. I seek a lifestyle that is fun, secure and in alignment with my passion and goals.

I am too old to keep playing games or seconding guess who I am based on what roles were defined in the history books for a woman and a man. Do I think that most of those roles were accurate... yes! I still dig a gentleman and those who can throw out a "yes sir" or "no ma'm" but I also know I am not willing to stand around waiting for someone to solve my problems when I am more than able and willing to get down and dirty to make the issue corrected.

Why is this such a foreign thought process?

I have been asked several times if I could come back in life as man or a woman again... which would I choose? Without hesitation I know I would come back as a bad-ass, smart, sexy woman again.

Why, the heck not?!?!

I am learning to accept the outside noise for what it is. I am also learning to embrace myself and love me for who I am. I am learning to not put much merit into what stereo-types and phrases are thrown at me because of who I am. Loving myself is a new kind of peace that I will no longer tolerate others robbing from me.

We only have this one life to live and I am ready to start living!

So if you need your car problems assessed by the sounds its making, a porch built, or help laying hardwood flooring... Give me a call and I will gladly assist!

If you need fashion advice or a great easy recipe for the next family event... You also can give me a call and I will gladly assist.

I love being a unicorn. One of those that are not such a rare breed anymore. The woman who has stepped to be the everything she needs to get the job done!

Turns out I am also a lot of fun!

So maybe we could all take a lesson from this and stop putting labels and roles on everyone we meet... and enjoy them for who they are and what beautiful things they create!


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My heart bleeds black and white for you to read like an open book... so don't be shy... take a look!

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