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i am a black man

by Ogun Holder 3 months ago in love


i am a black man

smooth skin of brown

soft hair of ebony

ivory sliver of a smile

from an island green

on limestone white and red clay

surf’s blue sheen

golden sand and sun

memories of laughter and fun

i am a black man

now in a land

of heart thumping fear

when i see the lights in the rear

hands in sight

freeze don’t fight

resist the urge for flight

what is the color of fear?

the shade of belonging?

feeling blue they do not see my value

forgiveness is pink i think

embracing myself until the sickly slick sludge of

unworthiness and self-hatred dissipates

into warm hue

i choose love

i am a black man

Ogun Holder
Ogun Holder
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Ogun Holder

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