How to show love to others during the corona virus.

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Keeping your loved ones close while also practicing social distancing and isolation.

How to show love to others during the corona virus.

I know first hand, how hard it is to maintain important relationships while also juggling full time work or schooling. The friends we make as kids that we fall in love with platonic or not; We think they will last forever. But as we grow up we start slowly drifting apart. Then you become a 20 something workaholic who fantasies about fancy trips to Europe, skydiving and all the adventures you can fathom. Only to realize that you have no one to share those experiences with. the girls you would spend countless weeks with during the summer, planning your lives together no longer talk to you. How lonely that feeling can be. Knowing that in this whole world, the three people you loved the most seem to no longer love you. And even now, with social media connecting billions of people around the world instantly, It doesn't fill that void. A Person through a screen doesn't fill that desire to love and be loved. It does not generate, that deep feeling of connection with people that is essential to survive on a regular day. Now throw this crazy Corona virus pandemic into the mix. People are running around like headless chickens. Buying all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer like its going to save them from the heavyhearted feeling of total isolation.

Have you ever been in an isolation chamber? Those little bean shaped containers filled with water, that you float in. It cuts off your senses, and leaves you with just your thoughts. feeling like your floating around in space and time, with nothing holding you. complete and total isolation. while some might find peace, others and especially those who are social dependent might feel the horror. The fear of the unknown is a scary place to be at mentally.

That is the place a lot of our loved ones are in. This corona virus is creating isolating fear. It is separating families and friends. It is taking away essential coping mechanisms for people who have mental illness, like gyms and access to state parks and other recreational activities have been completely banned. Large gathering events have also been stopped. That is the banning of events like weddings and funerals. People can't even gather to share their love and help feel connected during times for grief and, what is suppose to be great joy for newly married couples.

S0 how are we supposed to maintain our love connections during this time? How do we show those we are there for them and love them even when we can't physically be there for them?

One way, is to humble yourself. Don't relent from reaching out to someone important in your life, because of past wrongs and grudges. Don't be that person that says "They never reach out to me, so why should I reach out first?" Here is a hard truth. Not everyone in this world is going to give you their undivided attention all the time. Expecting your friends, and family members to treat you in that way, in the midst of crisis is selfish and entitled behavior. You are not the center of the world and therefore should humble yourself and put on your big adult undies and make the first step, By reaching out.

You never know, they could be thinking the same thing as you. Or could be wishing and hoping that you would be the one to reach out. A simple text or a heartfelt message telling that person how much they mean to you could really make isolation not feel as lonely. Take the time to forgive if there needs to be forgiveness in the relationship. Holding on to hate over past wrongs is not going to make you invincible to the virus. But letting it go could drastically improve your health and prolong your life.

Another thing you can do is to offer service to another. If you have an elderly parent, friend/grandparent who is feeling fearful of going to the store to buy groceries, or is feeling anxiety because they already have health conditions. Or feeling unsure about how the world around them just shifted. Offer to help them. (If your not sick of course). Pick up their groceries. Help them clean and sanitize their homes. Just offer to be a reliable and trustworthy person in their life. Even if all they need is someone to talk to, As long as you are not sick or at risk of spreading the virus, offer that support. By offering Genuine connections to those who are struggling with isolation and the fear mongering of the media You can drastically improve yours and others mental state. Or even save someone from committing suicide.

Lastly Just be Kind. Take the extra time to reach out to loved ones. Tell strangers you love them. Do for them what you wish someone would do for you during your struggles.

We all must work together in order to overcome this pandemic. By doing more then our share to ensure the safety, health and sanity of our nation.

Experiencing love is the single most important thing we as human strive for. we search high and low. In all the wrong places. Sometimes we think we find it. Only to realize we didn't. The word love is ever evolving. like a Pokemon. love grows with us. It changes over time. In each phase of life, in order to pass to the next, we must first have love.

"The soil loves the seed, and the seed becomes a sapling. The Sun loves the sapling. Then the sapling becomes a flower. the Human loves the flower so the Human waters it to help it continue to bloom." That was what I was taught as a child. That all things happen in spite of and because love.

In this time of global crisis, we need to come together in ways that are important. while also showing acts of love by simply participating as much as possible in social distancing.

If your feeling overwhelmed, if your afraid. Take the time today to think, about how your not the only one, and how by just taking a small amount of time to check in on our loved ones can help alleviate some of that fear and loneliness.

Be kind. Be compassionate. Be the love you desire, And together in isolation we will overcome the corona virus!

Miquela Wallace
Miquela Wallace
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