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How To Save Your Unhappy Marriage (How To Repair An Unhappy Marriage)

If you're wondering how to save your unhappy marriage, then you're probably going through a ton of terrible stress right now. It's not fun, and I'm truly sorry for what you have to go through. This article will show you exactly how to repair an unhappy marriage.

By Logan JacobPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Gone are the days when we celebrate 25, 30 and 50 year anniversaries. Divorce actually take a seat at the service and stalks the newly weds from day one. We all know the familiar statistic that one in two marriages fail and end in divorce. What I want to know is why that other one (in the two) is in desperate need of saving an unhappy marriage. Marriage seems to be this complicated union that is wonderful on the outside and yet miserable on the inside.

Let's run a scenario. You meet this wonderful person, fall in love, and have an amazing courtship. You get engaged and have a wedding. Life is amazing. You get the house and start planning the family. Baby comes along and you need a bigger place and a safer car. Life becomes more cluttered and busy. Whilst this is very stereotypical you get my point. In no time you will be strangers. Conversations will die and drifting apart is easy. Saving an unhappy marriage is not easy. It requires you to confront what went wrong ( without blaming anyone ) and then fixing it.

I would like to offer some advice to help your marriage. This advice may not read well to you but trust me. I have been married over 10 years. The first year was great. The next 7 were not. So allow one who is still traveling the road to say to you this is the way I took, try it. First realize that the will to begin saving an unhappy marriage is admirable. It speaks of hope. I am not talking into situations of physical and emotional abuse. Those situations should be avoided and professional help sought immediately.

First step is to avoid arguing at all costs. This is very difficult. You are conditioned to bickering and fighting so now to stop I know is hard. I also mean learn to communicate with each other 'properly'.

Second step is to spend time together. This doesn't have to be extravagant dinners and holidays. Just take baby steps and say to your spouse this next 10 minutes belongs to you. I am all yours. Don't carry expectations into these tips as you will set them up to fail. Saving an unhappy marriage takes time, so give it the time it needs.

If you can learn to communicate effectively and to spend time together you will go along way turning an unhappy marriage around. As long as both of you are walking in the general direction I believe change can happen.

The Five Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Marriages are commitments for the life. The institution of marriages is the oldest in the human civilization. Marriages are as old as human civilization since, no civilization could have existed without the institution of marriages. Marriage is important not only for the fulfillment of the physical and spiritual requirement of each other but also it is the biggest commitment of being faithful for life. Only successful marriages can ensure that the children' are brought up by both the parents with love, affection and guidance till they become adult and stand on their own feet.

Yet marriages are today a picture of failing institution. People do not want to be committed to a person for the life. Live-in relationships are fast replacing the institution of marriages. They are however, developing gradually on the pattern of marriage as most states have started treating live-in at par with marriage san religious ceremonies. Hence even live-in relationships are breaking quite frequently even after the birth of children causing havoc to the society as the children often cannot have the names of their father with them.

The following five steps can help ensuring the success of marriages.

1. Never Lie: The man and wife must take an oath that they shall never lie to each other. It is not easy yet with practice it is possible to develop trust with each other which eliminates the need of telling lies.

2. Share all your thoughts: It is important for spouses to discuss everything that is connected with their lives including the professional lives so that each person can understand the problems and achievements of each other. Sometime professional problems affect relationships. Hence, if the truth is known, both partners understand each other and the reasons for the bad behavior sometime.

3. Never Sleep Mad: It is important not to be indifferent to each other in marriage. It is better to shout at times when you feel deeply hurt by the behavior of your partner. Yet it is important not to take the anger lightly. Once the emotions are out, it is better to short out the matters before you go to sleep.

4. Discipline is Must: For a good relationship, it is important for both the partners to be disciplined and ensure that they do not do anything that hurts the sentiments of others. It is important not to get involved in any extra-marital affairs as it can spoil the trust forever.

5. Made for Each Other: It is important to believe that the spouses are made for each other. It is better to stop thinking that someone can be a better husband/wife than you. Once married, it is important to close all your options and limit yourself to your spouse. Your commitments must be complete and total.

Marriages can survive all hurdles but they cannot survive distrust and cheating. It is important to understand that the continuance of marriage is not needed only for the self but also for the children whom both the spouses love. While the love of man or woman can be replaced by another person, the love for children can never be replaced. You can not choose children as they are made from your flesh and blood. It is you who have brought them in this world and you are completely responsible for their happiness.

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