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How To Make My Husband Stay With Me (How To Make My Husband Want To Be With Me)

For people who ask the question how to make my husband stay with me, the simple fact that these words came to your mind is strong proof that you don't want to easily give up on your marriage and that your marriage is important to you. The fact is that a lot of women get to a point where they're thinking how to make my husband want to be with me... but there are ways to save a marriage in this circumstance.

By Melody KhloePublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Your husband has announced that he wants to divorce you. You love him still and have failed to make him understand the need to continue with the marriage. Obviously, you have reasons to feel hopeless. Is it possible to stall his divorce plans? Is it possible to make him see reason to continue with this marriage?

They say there is hope till you hope. And the good news is that many people do retract their steps at the last minute and get back to their spouses, even after they have left home and filed for divorce. Therefore, there is no reason why you also should not give it a last try.

Here are some ideas which could work:

You have pleaded enough but have failed in your attempts.

Now give him and yourself a break from this daily drama. In stead, evaporate from the scene. Once you adopt the No Contact formula and stop making all forms of contact, leave alone beg or plead, the first thing that will get triggered is his curiosity. Where are you? How are you coping with the situation? In short, you once again occupy his mind and thoughts. Gradually, he would even miss your constant nagging and start thinking of you positively. Remember, with time, emotions change and tempers cool down. If he was irritated with you earlier, your absence gradually makes him miss you and realize your worth.

Whatever happens to your relationship, remain attractive as a person.

Develop a calm and soothing personality, as if you are in complete control of the situation and whatever happens, you are prepared to face it. This spirit of self-confidence is not only enviable and attractive too. he starts to see you in a new perspective.

To remain mentally fresh and occupied, use this time of separation from your husband fruitfully.

Get busy with a hobby, join a gym, catch up with old friends and generally have a good time. Never carry our depression on your shoulders and never show your husband your inner feelings. However hurt or sentimental you may feel, keep your emotions to yourself.

Think of the reasons for which he married you.

Obviously you are no longer the person he fell in love with. To stall his divorce plans, why not get back your old self? Both in terms of the way you look and carry yourself, bring back that sparkle and zing which once made you irresistible in his eyes. You would be surprised at the change of attitude this simple act can bring about in your estranged husband.

You have to remember that you can only attempt to make a man change his mind but success is never guaranteed.

Surely there were gaps in communication and understanding between the two of you which you chose to ignore or never treated them seriously enough. Sometimes, we have to let go of things we love dearly, because it would make the other person happy. Once he has decided to move away, it could be that it is for the better. Once you accept this, you would be infinitely happier and more at peace.

Married Bliss and the 48 Hour Rule - How to Find Equilibrium in Your Marriage

Act 5 scene 1 of Romeo & Juliet opens with Romeo in Mantua, and faithful aide Balthasar about to deliver rather unwelcome news: Juliet, new made wife of the young, passionate Romeo, is dead.

No more had Balthasar delivered his famous lines "Her body sleeps in Capel's monument, and her immortal part with angels lives", than Romeo jumps into action. Instantly aroused, Romeo leaps aboard his steed, and off to Verona he races where fate takes over, and the rest, they say is history. Often, it's much better to simply wait and see what the facts of the matter are before leaping, jumping, reacting or otherwise responding to any situation, particularly where the added flammability of personal passion is a factor.

Here's a rather extreme example, but instructive nonetheless. In August 1914, rulers of the great powers of Europe--The Austria-Hungarian alliance, Germany, France, and Russia to the East--were on the verge of cataclysm. Diplomats scurried back and forth between capitols seeking to defuse ever growing tensions; state letters were exchanged from one high level diplomatic pouch to the next; trains raced between Paris, Berlin, Vienna, but the tension seemed only to increase, not dissipate as everyone expected. Then the powder keg was lit, when Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by a young Serbian nationalist on the streets of Sarajevo, and the world, for four long, blood soaked years, went mad. Looking back on that conflagration with the luxury of 100 years of hindsight, an interesting theory has emerged. One new technological advance, though seemingly innocuous, indeed, seemingly therapeutic to the growing unrest, the telegraph, is blamed for Europe's descent into chaos in 1914.

The telegraph? That should have allowed for those same world leaders to more closely monitor the dispositions and intentions of their counterparts, n'est pas? Non? Nyet?

It seems that the technology was so new, so unfamiliar, and so productive of anxiety in the fledgling users, that each felt an overwhelming impulse to react to whatever clackety-click message arrived from whichever potential enemy or source. There was too much information pouring in at the time for them to digest, and too little understanding of what it all meant. They were simply overwhelmed, and in that situation, filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown, they panicked. The result was nearly 50 million deaths, and four years of the worst carnage and horror the world had ever known.

What does this rather melodramatic scene have to do with your marriage? Hopefully nothing, except for this: given the luxury of time to reflect, especially with all the information available to us, we nowadays make reasonably good decisions. In our marriage, my spouse and I have what we refer to as the '48 hour rule'. Just as the name implies, for any substantial decision, house repair, kid crisis, vehicle issue, expenditure over about 50 dollars, we refer to the 48 hour--let's-put-this-aside rule, and almost invariably our decision about whatever has arisen is better than an instant, gut-reaction one might have been.

Some of the time the decision is identical; sometimes they're very different, even polar opposite; sometimes, and this is perhaps the larger point, there's no decision to make because the event, crisis or issue has simply dissipated or resolved itself. And invariably we're glad we invoked this rule, and remain comfortable with the outcome.

Recently our daughter, newly married, announced that, for reasons irrelevant here, she and her new hubby were through, done, history. She was moving out, finished, didn't want to talk about it. The way it was presented was, of course, a pretty transparent attempt to get a rise from us, and enlist our help against the scoundrel who would do such a dastardly deed. Her vocabulary, volume and sense of indignity were palpable on the phone, reminiscent of some hyperbolic Hollywood vixen scorned and demeaned, bent on the most painful and irreversible mayhem on the lad, my new son-in-law.

The 48 hour rule? Instantly and absolutely. It worked very well when we decided on the spur of the moment to book our vacation to Paris instead of Key West. (The keys are magical). It worked ever so well when another daughter announced she would quit college over a "useless, asinine stats course I have to take and I'll never use!" The graduation was delightful. It worked even when we decided to go ahead with the purchase of the Honda wagon, even with its 93,000 miles. At 130,000 it's barely broken in.

The scrapping newlyweds? Love birds once again. How long did the little dustup last? You guessed it, about 48 hours.

It's a useful tool to cool things off, allow, as doctors say, the tincture of time to do its magic, and to deal with what we have even today, too much information that makes us react too quickly, forcing decisions we likely would have made differently. The 48 hour rule: try it. But wait a couple of days.

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