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How to Know if You Can Trust Someone...

... You just started dating.

By Heart Centered UniversePublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. Without trust, relationships will crumble. But while you’re in the dating process (i.e. pre-relationship), it can be hard to determine if the person you just met can be trusted.

First off, forget about turning to social media for the answers. Most people only post the good stuff happening in their lives. These platforms can’t really give you a clear picture on who this person is and what values they might have. They might not even be who they say they are!

Skip Googling them as well. You may find something like a scathing article about the drama that occurred during a nasty divorce. Keep in mind that people do learn from their mistakes, and the person you’re reading about may not be the person they are today. Also, no one should be judged by their past mistakes.

One of the best things about dating someone new is that you can start all over again and become the person you've always wanted to be. The slate is wiped clean and this new person in front of you has no idea what you're all about. You can be the new and improved version of yourself!

But how do you get someone to trust you, or know if they’re trustworthy? There are a lot of crazy people out there, so keep reading...

Listen to your GUT.

The best piece of advice I can give anyone, is to listen to what your gut is telling you. Your intuition will never steer you wrong. Here you are in front of a complete stranger and you're attempting to get to know each other to see if you want to have another date. If something feels off, don't ignore it. Keep your eyes and ears open!

For Women:

1. Don’t bring your baggage with you.

There are so many women out there dating who have not properly healed from their past relationships. They end up bringing in that exact same drama with a new man they’re dating. For heaven’s sake, honey—just because your last boyfriend cheated on you doesn’t mean this guy would!

Take the time to heal from your past and change your core belief system. Not all men are cheaters. Maybe this new man won't break you heart like the last guy did. It's worth it to go into each new date with an open mind. Don't forget to leave the past where it belongs... in the past.

Be sure to fall in love with yourself as well. If you don't truly love yourself, you might be willing to ignore warning signals simply because your self worth revolves around whether a certain man is interested in you or not. Women that love themselves are never afraid to be alone.

2. It’s a leap of faith.

When coaching my clients through the dating process, I always advise them to just trust, even before you know the other person. Why? Well, I liken it to taking a leap of faith. You must trust him until he gives you a reason (or several) not to trust him. If you're always suspicious of a man (even before he's done anything wrong!) you're setting that potential relationship up to fail! No man will commit to a woman that makes him feel like he cannot be trusted. Give him the benefit of the doubt. This in turn helps him to feel trustworthy and can help him to trust you, too.

3. Not So Fast…

Of course you should trust him, but you need to make sure you’ve truly gotten to know him before you go all in. It takes months, sometimes years, to really get to know everything about a man to determine if you want a relationship with him. Don't sweep things under the rug just because you have an overwhelming desire to have someone. Please don't ignore those red flags or make excuses for him. Seriously, who you choose as your life partner will make your life either joyous or miserable.

For Men:

1. Be authentic.

If you want a woman to trust you, you must be trustworthy. Women want a man who has integrity and follows through on what he’s telling her he will do. What most men don’t realize is that more than anything, a woman wants to feel safe. No woman will ever feel safe with a man she doesn't trust. Women want a man that has a strong moral character and she wants to know that she can rely on you.

You should always just be yourself, and make no apologies for it. You want her to fall in love with you, not some made-up dude meant to impress her. If you two are meant for each other, you will be together.

2. Never lie.

Guys! Once you get caught in a lie, you’ll never be trustworthy again. Always tell the truth. It’s just not worth the consequences. The truth always comes out in the end, and you’ll end up without this amazing woman as your life partner.

Keep in mind that women in general tend to have very strong intuitive abilities. That means that if she's asking you something, she might already know the answer. Do yourself a favor and be honest.

3. Inspire her.

You’re the man here, take the lead! By always being upfront and honest about your intentions, you can encourage her to do the same. The best relationships have two partners who are willing to share everything. Your hopes and dreams, the things that will make you happy, and the boundaries you need to have in order to make you feel loved and safe.

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