How to get over an Ex Best Friend

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How to get over an Ex Best Friend

Here are a few tips that have helped me heal over time with trying to get over ex-best friends. Not all of these will help everyone, but this is what has supported me in the past. So I hope you enjoy it and comfort that you're not alone when dealing with this type of situation. I hope you find some helpful information in this article to help.


Express your emotions, it's always helpful to let your feelings out. You can cry, go to parties, read, listen to music. Hopefully, you had a chance to tell your ex-best friend how you felt through text or in person (this is the best way to express how you feel). I hope, you weren't ghosted to realize this friendship was to end.


Delete them from your social media, if you are officially done with them as a friend, why do you want to see what they are posting? It will only make things worse. So delete them off all your social media and delete their contact, if you still have it. Focus on letting go of your past. If you have any of your ex-best friends material things you should return their stuff to them, to get rid of the constant reminder.


Yes, you might feel like badmouthing them to other friends, but it only causes more drama. They will get karma at some point, so just let it go. You need to have a clear mind and concentrate on you and forget about them. Just have the mindset, "I deserve better" you will see a difference. You can accept what something is and sometimes it's okay to not understand why. Gradually come to terms with the situation, and keep reminding yourself that no matter what the cause was for this friendship to end, the person was simply not capable of being the person you needed in your life and that is okay. Dealing with friends that are mutual's of your ex-best friend can be a challenge. Wanting to avoid drama within groups of people is the best idea and by repeating your own mantra to tell people if they ask about the situation. For future friends, reflect on ways that you could have been a better ex-best friend and apply that to your new friends that you meet.


Focus on the people who matter in your life, like family and friends that care about you. You need positive people in your world, so try and steer clear of any negativity and try to just have a good time with genuine people who deserve you.

Don't find a new best friend right away, but it is okay to continue meeting new people and opening yourself up. Focus on your interests, it can create a community of people that you can become friends with from the same interests, for example, a yoga class you regularly go to. You can volunteer. this is an excellent way for some new change in your like. Redecorating your room and or if you have your own house redecorate and organize, its refreshing to get rid of things and clean your house. It gives a new outlook on life.


You need to stop listening to songs that remind you of the friendship and anything that can lead to triggering the memories. If you still have gifts from them, notes and or anything, garbage them. You do not want to be reminded of what was part of your life that is now done and gone.


Self-care is key to feeling better!! You need to concentrate on the good qualities you have and improve for the better. Take a bath, exfoliate, go on dates. Treat yourself to some time alone to care and remind your self-worth.

Coping techniques such as exercise, going outside, volunteering, expressing gratitude. Focusing on change for your life should not be just because of this breakup, it should be goals that will improve your life in the long-run.


Remember this is not the end of the world. People will come and go out of your life, you will learn to appreciate people more and be careful with who you choose to let into your life. Remember the great parts of the friendship and what you learned from this relationship. Become a better you than before!

Accept that you might never talk to this person again or that you are just waiting for them to say "sorry", but for now move on. As cheesy as it sounds, things happen in life for a reason, to give you more genuine people and opportunities into your life. In the future, if the ex-friend reaches out then you can try and rebuild the relationship, but we are in the present, not the future and it is unknown for now.

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