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How to deal with negative thoughts and feelings?

Is to talk to that part of myself, which has objections to somethings.

By Kiran BediPublished 11 months ago 6 min read

They can also be like signals we should not like. Try to completely numb ourselves off negative feelings. Because they're like signals, your body is trying to tell you something you know. That's one thing and. And also like we need to be very aware of when these thoughts are coming right so. You don't try to change what we're thinking. We can do that because.

Negative feelings we are feeling we are not very aware of them, why they're coming or this negative thought is coming. We don't even know where it is coming from.

So we need to be more intentional and more aware like even in Islam there is near the right. You do things with intentions, you don't just. Do it like an automaton, right? So when you are doing something just.

Think that what your intentions are, what, your thoughts are, and you try to change your thoughts. You try to change what is inside you.

So that we don't, you know, you don't leave like zombies like like an autopilot. So if you are used to living in an auto pallet, obviously you will feel very bad and like out of control.

And also another thing to note is that you can never get rid of your negative feelings all the time, they will. I mean there won't be like a permanent state of Nirvana that you're going to achieve any time because.

Negative feeling feelings are a part of our life and you know there won't be a stable state where you have achieved full stability permanently and you don't have any negative thoughts or feelings. That's not going to happen because that's even mathematically that's not possible because our psychology is a complex system.Complex systems never have a permanent stable state. They only have seudo stable States and they're always in flux so Nirvana is never going to happen.

So these are some of you know, my introductory thoughts, just to set the stage and just to just so that everyone is on the same page. So I would like to invite speakers if they have some personal anecdotes about how they coped with their negative feelings and any ideas about it, big or small. All are welcome because you never know which idea of yours is going to help home. So even if you think that it is an insignificant idea, please don't hesitate to say it out loud.

This is the feeling of constantly overwhelmed this doomed feeling due to various reasons you know. Actually impacts your cognitive often slows down like what I do. It could be due to various reasons, but the ultimate impact is on your cognitive behavior.

What happens with me is like whenever I'm in, I'm in anxiety or under depression. It's very difficult for me to concentrate or I find difficulty in solving problems and there is a lot of confusion what I do is I sit down and I. Think about it, what is the reason? Why am I feeling like this?

for me, it's assumptions like assume a lot what other person is thinking about me like first, I express and I and then I regret actually why did I I'm sorry I'm speaking on space after ages I'm little nervous well that's what for me it's assumptions like assume a lot what other person is thinking about me like first I express and I and then I regret. Actually, why did I? I'm sorry I'm speaking on a blog after ages. I'm a little nervous. Well, that's what happens, actually.

Ah, that's what I assume a lot. I just think about it like what he might be thinking, what he or she might be thinking, what did I say like? Why did I say I should have kept quiet about all these things? You know, assumptions.

They create a lot of problems like I feel this it creates a kind of psychological. What should I say? It happens. Actually I I feel overwhelmed and it kind of willing doomed the feeling. I'm immersed in that kind of feeling actually. And then I think about it. Then I say, OK, how important the other person is like? Is the person very important in my life?

That's why should I think about it, him or her so much. so like this, you know I try to solve my problem like yeah yeah you can ask I may add later I'm not getting any thoughts right now.

So like this you know I try to solve my problem like yeah, yeah you can ask. I may add it later. I'm not getting any thoughts right now well. No, right, uh, I think there is even a term in psychology for such thinking. It's called catastrophizing.

That you know you. You start with some basic negative thought and then you start building on top of it and you just scatter prophesize things you have and there is also like sometimes there are like intrusive thoughts that come out of nowhere.

It happens with me a lot, but now it is under control that I think it also happens because of my neurodivergence intrusive thoughts like, you know like I'm driving and then there's like a bus driving on a different lane and suddenly this thought comes to me. What will happen if this bus just veers towards me and then there is like an accident or something and then my mind starts playing on this and then I have to snap out of it.

You know, observing that thinking because you see The thing is that our brain is not like a monolith. There are different pockets of neurons that do different things right? So a group of neurons is doing their thinking and a different group of neurons is observing that thinking. So to go over that part and to be able to observe what you're thinking and then try to direct your thoughts in a different way.

The direction and tension in intentionally, you know, so you know I'm just giving you a small example of what happened with me when I'm driving, right? So I have to snap out of it. A part of me observes it, and it says that no, no. Don't think that thing is something else, right? So we can direct our thoughts to some extent, if not to a great extent, to what we. And just that I just want to get it done.

Say that's enough. It's not like the disk or a checker, and then this. This leads to procrastination and then ultimately it is a reason for my psychological distress. Yeah, most of the time this happens with me.

Yeah yeah. And the irony is that you want to do it perfectly, but.

At the end of the day, it doesn't even get done because you are like either. I want to do it perfectly or I don't want to do it at all, right? So so I have the same problem and what I did was to manage this is that. Please tell me that you know. Let's say I have to write a draft and I'm overthinking that. I want to be perfect, and then I think that you know, let me deliberately try to make a mistake.

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