How to Date a Taurus

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Relationships with a typical Taurian

How to Date a Taurus

Between Aries and Gemini, Taurians are born April 20—May 21. Taurus is an Earth Sign, making them well known for their reliability, and down-to-earth personalities. Similar to every other sign—Taurus has its own good and bad sides to take into consideration when attempting to create a relationship or friendship with them.

So, that's what we're going to look at today. Everything you need to know before jumping into a relationship with a Taurian (and yes many of them call themselves Taurians.

Let's dive into Taurus season.


Let's start with some good, shall we?

Taurus is an extremely loyal sign—which is one of the best traits in a relationship, in my opinion. It's not in their nature to cheat on their significant other, or to lie and hide things from them, because of how much they value commitment and solidarity with the people in their lives. You can be guaranteed to feel comfort and trust in this kind of relationship.

They are very honest people, and deeply respect and value the relationships they have in their lives as well. This also makes them extremely good friends if not partners. Whether it is a significant other, a friend, or a family member, they will hold on very tightly to the people they put their love and trust into.

Although, while their constant loyalty works very well in their relationships, it can also come up in unwanted areas. For instance, they will often tend to hold on to people even if they shouldn't. They will find it very hard to let go of someone, even if they are toxic or abusive in some way. It can sometimes be difficult for Taurians, because of this urge to hold onto people that they care about. Especially since they are known to have a few close people in their lives rather than massive groups.


Taurians are very appreciative of permanence in their lives. They don't enjoy constant change or spontaneity as much as other signs—although that doesn't mean they will never take part in spontaneous activities. They just enjoy the feeling of stability and comfort in their daily lives and love lives.

So be prepared for consistency in your relationship, and a much slower-paced environment. They tend to live at a slow and calm pace in all areas of their lives, which may seem boring to you if you strongly identify with (for instance) a fire sign. That is something to take into consideration as well, Earth signs will usually find it more difficult to get along with someone who identifies with either a fire or air sign. That's not a hard and fast rule though, it can still work quite well for many couples.

You should also get used to a physically comfortable atmosphere when you're with your Taurus partner. They tend to love being at home with tons of blankets, good food, and some form of relaxing entertainment. They appreciate the good things in life, even if that means just relaxing and watching television/movies, or reading books for hours on end.

If it isn't already obvious from this information, Taurians are complete homebodies, and will appreciate a partner that accepts their laid back way of life, rather than one that constantly pushes them out of their comfort zone. So be wary of stressing them out too much, or placing judgement on them when they aren't feeling spontaneous or adventurous.


This is the area that may be tricky for some couples that are half Taurus. Taurians are definitely not the most physically affectionate people. They prefer to show their love and appreciation for someone in their own ways—which usually means they will put more love into their actions than words. This doesn't mean that they don't enjoy intimacy and a personal connection with their partner though. They just aren't always the most physically passionate people. Expect more kind or romantic gestures from them instead.

They have very big hearts though, and they will do everything they can to protect the people they love. This is one of the many major benefits of a Taurus relationship, you will never feel unloved or under-appreciated, because of how strong of a connection they are able to create with a partner or anyone close to them for that matter.


Taurians are extremely stable people—probably due to their grounded personalities. They are also very good with their money, which can be quite helpful for a partner who tends to overspend, or who isn't as skilled when it comes to security and finances.

They are big savers, and very smart with the way they handle their money. They will never spend money that they don't have (shoutout to zero credit card debt), and are very responsible all around. They will typically be the ones to take their financial security very seriously, and won't put themselves in bad situations due to overspending, debt, etc.

On top of that, they are also very hard workers that tend to bring in a higher income as well, which is always a plus on both sides of a relationship. You can expect to feel secure, and most likely they will teach you a lot about handling your money and how to save for yourself. They can be pretty helpful in that area, thankfully.

And while they are very good at handling their money, and don't buy things they can't afford, they do tend to enjoy shopping. Many Taurians are quite avid online shoppers due to their appreciation for the good things in life, which is a bit of a confusing concept, yet it works out well for them. They get to enjoy the benefits of their hard work and dedication in life.


Taurians can also be a little difficult when it comes to their complex emotions. Along with their tendency to stay home and avoid most social situations, they can easily become depressed. While those aren't entirely connected, their feelings of loneliness and depression can easily come from isolation. And, unfortunately, depression can take a huge toll on a person as well as their personal relationships.

Also, they can sometimes take things too personally, and become offended easily. This stems from their empathetic nature (similar to many Earth and Water signs). They feel very genuine empathy for others, which will often cause them to take on someone else's emotions. Good or bad.

Due to the natural Taurus mindset, it can be quite difficult being in a relationship with someone who isn't understanding, or at all versed in dealing with their partners delicate moods and mental health state. So that's something to really take into consideration.


In short, Taurus is a great sign for a multitude of reasons. They can build up amazing relationships, and inflict a very positive impact on other people's lives, which makes them amazing long-term partners.

I love every sign, but Taurus is just one of those naturally kind and endearing ones that draw people in. If you're a Taurus, or you have one in your life, hold on tight, sis.

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