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How To Date a Pisces

by Holly 2 years ago in dating

Everything you need to know about your potential Pisces partner

As one myself, I can lend a lot of experience to all of the complex traits that surround Pisces. It is mainly described as one of the most emotional and spiritual signs - especially due to its water element - but there is so much more behind it. Particularly in relationships, a Pisces will often act in unexpected ways that you may not be familiar with.

That's why I'm gonna lay it all out.

Emotional State

As most of us know, Pisces are very emotional. Many of their interactions with people are based on this fact that requires a unique way of communication with others. This tendency comes along with things like sensitivity and empathy as well - all very strong and deeply rooted characteristics with various pros and cons.

The empathetic nature of a Pisces is also a surprisingly major part of their identity. They are able to feel the emotions of others very intensely which can be good and bad at the same time. They get along with friends and partners well because they genuinely understand their feelings but it can also be extremely draining to take on so many conflicting emotions every day. This leads them to be tired of being around people often and may have trouble helping their loved ones through things all the time. Isolation can sometimes become normal once in a while because of all the emotions they can't help but to feel.

Pisces are also a very understanding group of people. They are generally very open-minded and non-judgmental around others so they can often be seen as a safe space for one to express how they are truly feeling. If you begin a relationship with a Pisces you are almost guaranteed a comfortable and safe environment to be yourself and get things off your chest when necessary. You should be careful not to overwhelm them though with too many complex topics and issues or very intense feelings that they may find hard to take on. But, they are willing to support you in any way they can.

Trust & Vulnerability

Trust is a tricky thing for this sign. Pisces can be slightly naive when it comes to relationships because of how easily they can trust another person. They are simply prone to assuming the best out of people - even if they don't know them well - and will quickly find themselves instilling a strong, trusting bond with the other person. Whether or not they have proven themselves to be trustworthy, it doesn't matter, a Pisces will assume the best rather than the worst.

The Pisces tendency to trust so easily is often their downfall in a relationship. They can get used a lot by their partner and lies can fly under the radar since suspicion is rare and interrogation is a foreign practice to them. Their sensitive and nurturing side will do them pretty dirty because of how easily they will encounter this sort of deception and manipulation from others.

New Perspective

Pisces are complete daydreamers. They are often associated with terms such as clairvoyant, psychic and curious because of how connected they are to the universe. Pisces can open you up to a whole new perspective of the world that you may have never encountered before. They like to paint their own picture of reality in this way and express themselves through creative art forms like music, writing, theater, etc. Pisces embodies a deep sense of curiosity and open-mindedness that just can't be matched by any other sign.

What does this mean for their relationships? Well from all of the magical elements that stem from the core of the traditional Pisces, a connection made with one can bring all sorts of new ways of thinking and seeing the world. Many people enjoy being around Pisces simply for the refreshing new perspective that they can contribute to conversations and society in general. Because of this, they are extremely interesting to talk to and don't enjoy bland small talk. If you like to have deep, long discussions about any topic that you're passionate about, a Pisces will usually be the best one to go to.


Unfortunately, Pisces are very prone to issues with their mental health. They usually find it difficult to deal with their own sensitivity and roller coaster-esque emotions so they find themselves either depressed, anxious or struggling with any other illness. They also have the additional issue of addiction due to all the hardships they face in life that they have trouble dealing with. They may find themselves relying on substances like drugs or alcohol to help mask the depth of pain that they are prone to feeling or could even abuse things like caffeine or sex. They can and will abuse anything they can develop an addiction to if they are in a bad enough state of mind.

A Pisces may introduce new challenges to a relationship because of how easily they can fall into the trap of unhealthy thoughts and habits which may be hard on both sides. Most of the time they will need someone who is understanding of their personal issues and may find it difficult to carry on with a partner who is not sympathetic/empathetic when it comes to their ups and downs. All in all, you must be willing to give back at least a little bit of the trust and empathy that your Pisces invests in you to make the relationship work.

Lover Type

Pisces are romantic beings but in very complicated ways. They will do anything for the people they love and will not hold back from showing their feelings. They have a tendency to trust and catch feelings for someone very fast but often won't show it immediately.

Physical affection is usually very important or just appreciated for a Pisces. Affirmations of love and care for them is very reassuring and helps them feel closer to their significant other. Pisces are very similar to the other water signs and many fire signs in this way. They are driven by passion and romance. Although, when caught up in their own feelings/insecurities they may have a tendency to push this affection away even if they want it. Sometimes they feel that opening up is too risky and may result in them being hurt. This is just an unfortunate side effect of being such an emotional sign.

Overall, Pisces are complex people with a lot of love to give and can adapt to almost everyone as long as they are treated with respect and cared about as much as they care about others. Listening to what they have to say and allowing them to express how they feel can create a wonderful relationship.



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