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How To Build Trust For a Better and Happier Relationship

by Emmy_Noah_ 9 months ago in love
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Simple steps to Gain and build trust for a lasting relationship

Ask yourself this, Are you truly honest with your partner? Are they honest with you too? If you want to have a healthy and happy relationship it is imperative and necessary that you are completely honest with each other from the start and also at every point in time.

Once you have caught your spouse in a lie, or you have been caught in one as well, it is very difficult to trust each other after the experience again, one would say almost impossible. When you trust each other,a certain kind of improving and boosting peace and rest of mind saturates the relationship as you will not need to wonder or worry yourself about what the other is doing in your absence or when you are not together because you will know and be relaxed as to the fact you are convinced they are trustworthy indeed. Telling the truth and remaining honest and open helps maintain your faith in each other and strengthens your relationship.

Some people mistake being honest and truthful to not being mysterious enough to mystify the relationship, They are very far from the truth. Without the factor or presence of trust it is nearly impossible to have a strong, loving and equally lasting relationship.

So before you go on telling lies to your partner or spouse, think properly if it is worth it because in most cases you will need another lie in future to cover up the previous and keep it buried and most often than not the main truth is revealed after all the running around in circles, so ask yourself, “is it worth it” . When you are honest and truthful with your partner, you show them respect and regard for their feelings.

NOTE: Honesty is the very foundation of any good,sweet, exciting and lasting relationship. By being true and honest you are expressing your love to your partner in the purest form. Everyone deserves honesty. Never lower your standards, you may have been with a spouse in the past who left because of your honesty, saying he/she is too honest( believe me there are people like that) in that case be happy as you did not go deep into the relationship before realizing, let them go and hold yourself high with the realization that there is something and better and more appreciating for you out there. Do not tie or limit yourself. You are more valuable and precious than that.!.

Follow these simple tips to build Trust while building a strong and happy relationship.

1. Be Completely honest about the kind of job you do, the hours in which you work, your pay and salary, and the people you work with in your organization as well. If you do have a meeting with someone relating the opposite sex be sure to disclose, don't tell your partner lies by saying you are working with someone else when you are not in actuality. You may think you are sparing or preventing them from being jealous and saving their feelings of anger. However, if they should find out, whether or not something did go wrong or down with he meeting, and it happens from the beginning you were not truthful and honest the first thing that comes to their mind is you are hiding something. You will most of the times have to work with people who your spouse could be jealous of, however from the onset if you do have an honest relationship this would be far from the case as your partner's trust would cover you through the work-frame.

2.No matter how tempting this may be, Do not tell your partner or spouse you have the same aspirations, dreams and goals if that is not the case at all, except there is a genuine truth behind the disclosure. If you do not share these dreams, When they finally ask you out of trying to support you to start working on these dreams, you will become bored and resent doing it. Then if you out of being choked and pressed up the neck finally blow out and blurt it out that you never wanted to do this anyway and say you are bored and frustrated doing this, how do you think that will make them feel?

3. If something does happen and your partner asks you what it is, tell them and be very open and honest about it. Don't say, “Nothing” when in actuality, it is something. Tell your partner the truth and work it out with them, working together makes even the hardest things seem easy and like a breeze. Ask yourself if you are not open and honest about your needs and wants, how can they truly help you achieve them and resolve whatever needs resolution?

4. Both parties should endeavor to be honest about how you feel about each others friends and peers as well, if you don’t like something about any of them in person or character of behavior be open to your spouse. If your partner has a friend which you, just do not like for some reason, don't tell them that you like them or you just will end up doing things with them and resent it because you refused to open up. Work it out so that when you go out with friends as a couple to have dinner and hangout with the ones that you both like.

When you go out alone with friends choose the one's your partner would rather hang out with, except it is necessary to hang out with the later for business or work related purposes .

The best way to show respect for your partner is to completely honest with them. After all ask yourself, if you can't be open and honest with your spouse or partner you claim to love, Then who can you truly be honest with? Remember that being honest will build a very strong foundation and basis for a long, lasting and happy relationship.

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