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How To Be A Good Wife To My Husband (How To Be A Better Wife And Improve Your Marriage)

Are you stuck in a marriage, scratching your head in wonderment, saying how to be a good wife to my husband? If you're in this position and you're worried about your marriage going downhill fast, then you really need to pay special attention right now. This article will show you exactly how to be a better wife and improve your marriage.

By Melody KhloePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Are you trying to be a better wife, but you fear you may be failing? Were you raised to think that a spouse was supposed to be one thing, but you now want to be a better wife to your husband than your mother was to your dad? Do you feel his love is slipping away from you and you'd like to try to be a better wife in order to keep him with you?

You're not alone in realizing that you're not the best wife you could be. Many women simply fall into the role expecting a lot from their husband, but not really anticipating much will be expected of them in return. Sure, we may tend to a dozen other things in our lives and around the house, but how much effort are we truly willing to put into our romantic relationship.

If you're like most, it's probably very little... we want him to take care of the romance. Well, if you want to be a better wife you're going to have to rid yourself of that notion.

Be Available

Being available means as a wife, you should know when to be there for your husband. You should know their needs and their wants. Try to be there for him every time he needs you. Be supportive and give him enough time to make him feel loved. Staying with him with all the availabilities makes him think that you are more than willing to be there for him and eager to be with him. Make sure to be there for him through ups and downs. A wife's presence can mean so much to them and it could be their source of strength.

Think of Him

When was the last time you treated him special? I'm not talking about the last time you ironed his shirt or cooked him a cupcake. I mean really did something special for him that could bring the two of you closer together. Give him a massage, run him a soothing bath (if he's into that) or plan for a quiet meal with wine, great food and a nice aperitif.

Cuddle up and talk about everything other than the house, the jobs, and the kids. A romantic night for just you can re-open his eyes.

Always Communicate

Make sure to communicate with your husband all the time. Communication is always inseparably entwined in every relationship. It is a very important factor to consider in becoming a good wife. It keeps you updated with your personal feelings and his feelings as well. Always let him know what you want and what you do not want. Let him know the things that you do not like and the things you like. It is also important that you know what he want and he does not want. You should know what are the things he likes and the things he do not like. To become a good wife requires you to be a good listener. Talk to him politely and avoid nagging.

Be Patient and Considerate

It is very important to be patient and to be considerate. As a wife, being patient means you should know how to consider the things that you do not understand. It is best that you understand that you are two different individuals and that there are so many things that you are and he is not. There are things that you understand and he cannot. There are so many things you need to consider as a wife, and things that require so much patience and consideration.

Sex Has it's Place

When sex begins to lose it's function in a woman's life, she's quick to assume that he doesn't need it either. This may be true for a very small minority of men. By and large they need it, they want it and they enjoy it. If he's constantly asking you for it, asking why you don't want it and when you'll finally offer it, you need to sit down and have a serious discussion about this.

Don't shrug it off and say "That's all you ever think about." If he's not getting any, it's normal for him to always be thinking about it and to desire it. Discuss, without justifying or becoming defensive, why you're truly not interested. Is he doing something you don't life? Have you realized you simply don't enjoy sex? Or have the rigors of life simply exhausted you and you have nothing to offer him at the end of the day.

Whatever the problem is, talk it out and find a solution. This is an important part of your marriage.

More Sex, Less Hassle

As sex diminishes in a relationship, the degree of complaints, criticism and nagging increases almost in equal increments. Stop making a huge fuss over every little thing he does wrong. Focus on the good and remind him how you appreciate all he does do right.

Turn the mirror on yourself for a moment and listen to the way you treat him. Are you pleasant and fun to be around? Are you a drag who always gets him down? Would you want to be with yourself if you were him? Find the joy in life that you had when you first met him and share it with him.

Set Your Priorities

If you ask a woman who is a mother what her priority is, she'll no doubt say her children. Her time, effort, money and energy is all spent on ensuring her children are happy and well adjusted.

But how happy and well adjusted will they be if you're tired and unhappy and your marriage ends up failing as a result. If you really care about the well being of those children, consider the well being of their parents and work to be a better wife. After all, if their parents aren't doing well, who will take care of them?

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