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How sensitive people protect themselves

Sensitive people

By Shi WeiPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
How sensitive people protect themselves
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In social settings, in crowds, or with people, sensitive or empathic people are easily influenced by the emotions around them. In a loving and peaceful environment, their bodies absorb this energy and become active; in a negative environment, on the other hand, they feel tired and aggressive.

People who are easily influenced by their surroundings must learn to protect their sensitivity and maintain emotional stability. I am an easily empathic person, so I want to help such people develop this ability to be more comfortable with themselves.

I am always highly sensitive to the emotions of others, whether they are good or bad. Until I learned to protect my feelings, these emotions swelled within me. I was tired and negative after leaving the crowd. When I arrived home all I wanted to do was lie in bed and rest and find inner peace and tranquility.

Here are six strategies. These strategies will help you deal with sensitivity more effectively and keep you free from negative energy.

Walk away. If possible, walk away at least 20 feet from a suspected source of the disturbance. See if it's more comfortable. Don't push yourself because you don't want to offend others. Don't sit next to the "energy vampire" at a party. Physical proximity will increase your empathy.

Feel your breath. If you suspect that you are being influenced by others, take a few minutes to focus on your breath - it's good for you to focus and feel your power. In contrast, holding your breath can cause negative energy to build up in you. To filter out fear and pain, you should release stress and absorb calming energy. Imagine that unhealthy emotions leave your body like a haze and are replaced by the pure light of health - this imagery can have an instant effect.

Guerrilla meditation practice. Meditate before a meeting, focus on your attention, feel the spirit, feel the heart. This way you can become strong. If you experience emotional or physical stress on an occasion, respond quickly by meditating for a few minutes. You can meditate in the bathroom or an empty room, and if the toilet is public, close the cubicle door. Calm down and feel the power of positivity and love. This approach has successfully helped me to rescue myself from social situations where I felt disheveled many times.

Set healthy boundaries and limits for yourself. Control the amount of time you spend listening and learning to say "no" when you are with stressful people. Draw clear boundaries between yourself and others, and shut them out as soon as they start to generate negative energy. Remember, "no" is enough.

Envision protection around you. Research shows that envisioning is a healing technique for the mind and body. Health practitioners use this practical approach when dealing with difficult patients and many others, such as imagining a white light surrounding the body. Or, when staying with someone who is heavily emotionally polluted, envision a police car on patrol, ready to ensure that your emotional field is not invaded.

Identify and honor your emotional needs. Defend your sensitivity. When emotionally calm and focused, make a list of the five places where your mood swings are greatest. Then set up a plan that will help you control your emotions in these venues. Here's a look at how to interfere with empathy in advance with some practical examples.

When someone asks too much of you, politely say "no". There is no need to explain the reason for the refusal, as the saying goes, "No is enough, go with it."

If you stay comfortable for a maximum of 3 hours when socializing - even with your favorite people - drive yourself, or have an alternative mode of transportation - so your mood won't be affected. won't be affected.

If there are a lot of people, eat a good, high-protein meal before you go (this will give you support) and sit in a far corner, such as at a theater or party, never in the center.

Some empaths are extremely sensitive to scents. If you are also sensitive to scents, such as perfume, then ask your friends not to use them when they are with you. If you can't avoid it, then go near a window and absorb the fresh outdoor air to get some relief.

If none of the above methods work for you, then take a hot shower or a drenching when you get home. For me, a shower gives me relief after a busy day. Whether it's the boat ride or the anxiety received from others, everything disappears cleanly with the water. A hot spring bath will make all the discomfort disappear.

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