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How Relationship Influences Life

Relationships can bring down heaven on earth and bury you in the darkest hell

By I. R. PathakPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

We have relationships with our family, spouse, friends, coworkers, neighbours, and colleagues. They form a network in which we live.

I have felt at times the warmth and the pain of relationships.

I am lucky to have my family's full support in all my good pursuits. But, many of my family's high hopes for me sometimes made me restless.

As soon as we come out of our mother’s womb, we become members of the relationship network.

But, these relations are delicate yet strong enough to stand in the storms of life.

They become a part of our life story.

They go with us through the challenges of life.

They share joys and sorrows.

They inspire, scold, and warn us out of love and care.

In the lap of our parents, we learn the value of family relations since time immemorial.

Being quite young, we watch the world through the eyes of our parents.

Our parental love and wisdom become our most trusted guide to lead us through the stormy young age.

My mother’s stories were about patience and faith in God during misery.

My father was uncompromising in his support.

Their examples gave me a sound foundation of family relations.

Amid life's changing situations, these relationships give me a sense of preservation.

They also provide me with perseverance.

Like a coil of thorny vines, certain relationships clear up slowly and painfully.

Two friends who shared their dreams.

They felt stabbed in the back; it destroyed their bond.

They ruined trust with all the lies and broken promises.

Their toxic relationship was a hard lesson for us all.

We learned to be truthful and defend real connections.

How surprisingly romantic relationships shape destinies!

One finds love through tender whispers and shared dreams with a life partner.

It surpasses the mundane.

It fills one’s heart with eternal joy.

Their hopes and constant support for each other create harmony.

It turns every trial into a joint success.

This beautiful relationship was a true blessing. It guided them on a journey of self-discovery and mutual growth.

In my mind, vivid memories compel me to hear the ceaseless repercussions of a tragic love story.

But even in heartbreak. One learns valuable lessons that make one stronger.

Love is tricky, you know?

It can bring us so much happiness, but also so much pain. When crushed dreams and separation hit us, it feels like a hard curse.

Friendships, no matter how brief or lasting, make life more interesting.

Laughing together on lazy summer afternoons is pure happiness.

Finding comfort in true friends is a virtue of friendship. Sadly, losing friends reminds us that life doesn’t last forever.

I realize how relationships can change everything.

They create our memories.

They protect our happiness.

And, they sometimes cause us sadness.

Whether good or bad, relationships shape who we are and define our journey from birth to the grave.

Some Instances From Everyday Life:

How a Relationship Lands in Doom

Mr Saxena (name changed) was my next-door neighbour at my old home.

His son married a well-placed, highly educated girl with great pomp and show. She had tall promises and huge hopes for a bright future.

After a few months of marriage, we heard loud arguments.

They were between his son and the newlywed girl.

A few months later, Mr Saxena celebrated the news that he would soon be a Grandpa.

His daughter-in-law gave birth to twins after a year and a half of marriage.

The couple had frequent quarrels since marriage. But, after the birth of twins, both became very aggressive and sometimes violent.

The reason for the quarrel was infidelity.

We learned this through whispers. They both had other partners.

Because of persistent quarrelling, both frequently missed their jobs.

In my country, divorce is generally avoided and considered the last remedy.

In arranged marriages, the parents of the husband and wife intervene. So do close relatives.

They do this to settle issues and keep the peace.

A month passed in these endeavours but in vain.

One night, after a big fight, the lady with a huge suitcase left her in-law’s home.

She left behind her twin sons.

Then the sky fell on Mr. Saxena’s son to bring up a few-month-old twins.

Within a year, the lady files a divorce suit in court.

This is the relationship that has completely brought disaster to life.

How a Relationship Lands on a Bloom

I remember a teacher, Ms. Maya (name changed), under my principalship.

She dedicated herself quietly and often appeared sad. Her family was poor.

She comes into my office one day and informs me she’s tying the knot at the end of the session.

The man she would have to marry had migrated to Canada and had been working as a medical doctor.

After marriage, she would settle there with her husband.

I met her groom at the wedding. He looked sincere, responsible, and affectionate.

I saw a wonderful glow in Maya’s eyes that I had never seen before.

Maya came back after two years and met me. She was completely transformed into a gorgeous lady. She got a teaching job there, too.

See the miracle of a relationship that landed Maya in the perfect bloom.

The Power of Relationships

The various ways people behave can affect our relationships with them.

Some people are inherently toxic, which makes certain relationships toxic from the start. I can recall difficult moments when none of my relatives supported me.

It is wiser to strengthen your most cherished relationships. It is better than condemning others. Relationships have the power to both make and break our lives. They can bring us happiness, prosperity, and success and ruin us.


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