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How Far Love Travels

by XEE H 3 years ago in love

Does the distance matter?

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I'm not claiming to know everything about love or saying I'm an expert on human feelings. So let your heart guide you, and your mind think for yourself.

The question I want you all to think about is: Does the distance really matter? Even if that person is on another planet or in another time. Does the heart decide who to love based on the closet person to you?

My answer is no. Because we don't control who we fall in love or out of love with. The truth is, the heart doesn't care about how far someone is.

As someone who is in her first relationship—which is an LDR and has insecurities based on my past life and experiences—I think the distance between me and my boyfriend has grown stronger.

What most people don't realize is an LDR is just as valid as any normal relationship. Just because you can't physically touch doesn't mean you can't be together. Because every relationship needs to be built on trust and honesty.

Having that physical connection isn't as important as knowing what is going on in your other partner's head. I'm happy in my relationship, but I'm not saying the distance isn't hard. All I'm saying is it is worth it if your end goal is to be with each other for a lifetime.

Otherwise, why start something you can't commit to later on in life? Every relationship has its ups and downs, the good and the bad times.

I have been in an LDR for a year, and honestly, it has helped me come out of my comfort zone much more and has made me happier.

In my own opinion, the way I view life is I believe that the distance does make the heart grow stronger. It also helps you to communicate much better in the real world, as well as finding balance in your everyday life.

I would be a liar if I didn't say that not having any physical contact with him doesn't bother me. Because it does, but I know our distance is just a barrier and that our bond will only make our love stronger.

So, either if you're in an LDR or just across the street from each other, your relationship with that person is as valid as anyone's relationship in today's world.

(Apart from incest because that is just gross and nobody wants that. Have a fabulous day and make the world your oyster.)



Hey I'm here to bring my thoughts, views opinions and even book reviews. I'm also willing to give advice. I'm I'm an actor in training but also into creative writing and reading and I'm starting to get into photography.

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