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How can astrology help a business grow and do well?

How can astrology help a business grow and do well?

By MonkvyasaPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Astrology says that the way the planets are lined up can affect a person's job path, business skills, and financial future. Astrologers can help people get the most out of their business ventures by giving them tips based on their study of these factors. So, astrology can be helpful for people who want to be more successful in business. So, let's look at what planets, yogas, and other things business astrology says can get in the way of your success and how you can get rid of them.

Planets that cause business trouble

Business astrology says that where the planets were when a person was born can affect how well they do in business. Some star patterns can be a sign of business success, but others can lead to problems and problems in business. So, here are a few planets that can hurt your business:

Saturn is known as the planet of limits and problems, so problems in business can be a sign of Saturn. Depending on where it was at the time of birth, it can show delays, losses, and problems in business. If you're facing challenges in your business and would like to gain further insights into the influence of Saturn and other planetary energies on your life, you can talk to an astrologer who can provide you with personalized guidance and advice.

Mars: This planet stands for anger and fighting. Depending on where it is in a person's birth chart, it can make them more likely to make quick, dangerous business choices that could cost them money and cause problems.

Rahu and Ketu: Rahu and Ketu are the dark planets, and they cause changes in business that are quick and surprising. They can make a business unstable, unsure, and without a clear path.

Sun: The sun is linked to power, control, and being in charge. But its effect can also lead to ego battles, power struggles, and problems with business officials.

Mercury is linked to dialogue, making connections, and making sales. According to business horoscope, however, its effects can also lead to confusion, misunderstandings, and business mistakes.

Jupiter is the planet of money and good fortune. But it can also make people overconfident, spend too much, and have high standards in business, which can lead to financial losses.

What Kundli arrangements cause a business to fail?

Here are some ways that the positions of the planets make it more likely that a business will fail:

Weak or troubled ascent

The rising sign, also called the ascending, is the most important part of a Kundli because it shows the person's personality and ability as a whole. So, a weak or troubled rising can mean that a person lacks confidence, self-esteem, and drive, which could lead to business mistakes.

Planets that are bad in the 10th house

The 10th house is about work and job, and when bad planets like Saturn, Mars, or Rahu are in this house, it can mean that there will be problems and failures in business. So, these planets can cause problems, delays, and disagreements in business.

Mercury was weak or sick.

Mercury is the planet of speech and business, and where it is in a person's Kundli can show how well they will do in business. When Mercury is weak or has problems, it can lead to mistakes, bad communication, and talks and business deals that don't work out.

Jupiter is sick or weak.

Jupiter stands for wealth, plenty, and growth, and where it is in a person's chart can show how likely they are to be successful in business. If Jupiter is sick or weak, it can make you miss out on chances, lose money, and have trouble growing your business.

Sun is sick or weak

The Sun is a symbol of power, authority, and leadership, and where it is in a person's chart can show how good they are at taking charge and leading in business. If the Sun is sick or weak, it can cause people to lose confidence, be unsure of what to do, and make bad decisions. This could cause businesses to fail.

Which house should you visit for business growth and success?

When it comes to predicting business success and growth, the second, sixth, and tenth houses are usually the most important.

Second house

The second house is about money and wealth, such as income, savings, and property. So, it can show how likely the person is to make money through business activities. A strong, well-placed second house can show financial safety and business success. A weak or troubled second house, on the other hand, can show financial problems and failures.

Sixth House

The sixth house is about work, care, and doing things every day. It can show how hard the person works and how well they deal with problems in business. So, a strong sixth house in the right place can mean success in a competitive setting, good resource management, and good health. But a weak or troubled sixth house can mean that it's hard to handle daily tasks, health problems, and disagreements with coworkers.

Ten House

The tenth house is about your job, image, and standing in society. It can show how likely the person is to be successful and well-known in business. When the tenth house is strong and in the right place, it can show leadership skills, desire, and success in business and work. But a weak or troubled tenth house can mean a lack of chances, trouble getting noticed and gaining social status, and problems with people in power.


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