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Hit on another’s partner. Right or wrong?

by Kathlin Larsen 6 days ago in single

Is it okay to hit on a taken person? Where’s the line and is it okay?

Hit on another’s partner. Right or wrong?

I will say that this is a main problem in single life and relationships. I know for fact that the person who get cheated on alway put their anger on the person the loved one was cheating with but I think that’s wrong. Your partner was the one who cheated, the other person was single. So I have two different scenarios I want to talk about here.

The first one (and I’m gonna talk about it as a women which I am. Lol) Now, you’re at your home doing some “me-time” while your bf/fiancé/husband, let just call him your hub/hubby are out drinking with the guys. They drink quite heavily as many guys do when they are out, some girls approach them and one thing leads to another and “wham bam thank you ma’am “ kind of things. I have now set the scene and I can only guess that many of you have experience this kind of situation. Your hub comes home the day after, hungover as f*** and tired. You ask how it was and he barely answering you which you don’t react to cause you think it’s normal since he was out with the guys. The day passes and then tomorrow comes. He acting a little bit weird and a little bit off. At this point your women brain start to work. “Did anything happen when he was out?” And as a women the cheating tought always comes first. The simplest explanation for that is, we don’t want to do all this work with a guy so another girl and swoop in and take a finished trained man! Just kidding. Explanation for this is our emotions. We take it harder then men do and our imagination are waaaaaay bigger and worse then men’s. Men are simply when it comes to a lot cause we women always have to analyze everything and make small problems to be like starting a Third World War. But anyway, felt out a little bit here. So here comes the problem. Did he cheat on you or not? And how are you gonna find it out? By asking? Will he tell the truth and if he actually have the balls to tell you the truth, how will you handle it? What’s the right reaction and how to do it?

In this situation it’s actually many right and wrong ways. It all depends on the situation, remorse and what his willing to do next. Everyone screws up but what you do next defines you as a person. But NEVER contact the girl he cheated with cause she was probably singel, didn’t care or didn’t know and do you really want to stir that shit up? Will you feel better by contacting her? Remember, everything you do have a consequence. It’s all depends on if it’s a positive or a negative act you do who will control the type of consequences you get.

Saying this we come to my second scenario where you are the single girl out drinking. You are out dancing and drinking with the girls (wohoo!) and after some Cosmopolitan, tequilas and some other drinks you see this good looking guy with his friends out drinking too. You approach him, starting to flirt, get to know him and then you found out he’s spoken for. What do you do? Would you continue to flirt since you are single or would you back off? Thinking of being in this situation, how would you feel if your hub was the guy you trying to hit on? I mean, even tho you’re single and living your life you can think about the other person in this kind of situation. You wouldn’t like it if the shoes was on the other foot would you?

This is what I mean about humanity and how the world have become. When did we start to be so egotistical and only think about ourselves? Is it okay to afflict other a pain you wouldn’t handle yourself? Where goes the line from right to wrong/not okay? My line is as long as I can’t take the pain myself, I will never give another person the same pain. Don’t like being cheated on? Don’t be the reason why another person get cheated on either. If so, it is called a double moral and you seriously have to go deep inside yourself and think. It’s the small changes and choices who can make the world and another’s life a little better. Life is like a game if chess, you have to think five steps in front but in the end it’s all up to you where your line goes. Just think about it, maybe feel and touch it (as I like to say) and when you come down to a choice, rethink it again. If you come down to the same choice so do it. Maybe it’s the right one or maybe not. Just make sure you won’t regret it. Life is to short to have regrets, that’s why I tell you to think over the consequence who can come.

Kathlin Larsen
Kathlin Larsen
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