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by Irene Dawson Otoo about a year ago in lgbtq
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I do not chase, I attract, what belongs to me will simply find me!

Amina starred at herself in the bathroom mirror as she touched up her ruby red lipstick, pouted her lips and recited her affirmations,

“I do not chase, I attract, what belongs to me will simply find me”

She continued her affirmations mumbling under her breath as she left the bathroom and walked down the hall towards the restaurant; when she stopped and turned around because she heard a faint whisper from behind her of someone reciting the same words. She stopped and saw a person a short distance away and they locked eyes and they both smiled; they shyly looked down at the realisation that someone heard them and laughed in embarrassment.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I just finished saying the same thing” as Amina smiled, spun on her heal and headed towards the restaurant. Amina walked as if she danced, she commanded any room without trying, her hips swayed, her hair bounced, and no one would know that she was slowly falling apart inside.

Amina sat anxiously as she waited for her date to arrive, she had purposely reached the restaurant 15 minutes early as she hated being late and wanted to see them walk in. The waiter had brought over her large glass of the 2016 Eleven Merlot and as she raised her glass, the complex nose of ripe black cherry fruit and cherry leaf elevated from the glass, through her senses and took her back to her time in California with him: Where she had first tried the wine and fell in love. Memories of her ex flooded her emotions; she could just about hold back the tears, as the heart break she thought she was over had reared its head at the worst possible moment, with her now doubting her decision to even be on this date.

She thought about it… She had time to leave… She could just get up and go as she clutched her purse and edged towards her seat, sitting stoic for a moment contemplating her escape. She took a deep breath, took out her pocked mirror from her purse dabbed her eyes and took a big gulp of wine.

“You weren’t leaving where you?” a mellow voice suddenly said.

Amina looking down and saw a fresh polished pair of brown leather brogues pointing towards her, she looked up startled and saw a beautifully chiselled jaw line with a smile brighter than her future.

“No, no of course not, I was just getting comfortable” she said nervously.

“Good, would hate if you had left” as they smiled.

They sat down facing each other and Amina felt a sudden rush of calm.

“What are you drinking?” They said.

“I am drinking the Merlot.” Amina smiled

“Mmmmmm…. I love Merlot and they have one of my favourites the 2016 Eleven Merlot”

“Wait what! That’s what I’m drinking!” Amina said surprised.

“I guess great minds think alike” they said with a smirk on their face.

“I guess they do” she said nervously. “So, have you been to California?” pointing to the bottle of wine the waiter just bought over.

“No, I haven’t, I am part of an online wine club called Wine heads on Facebook” they said grinning and slightly embarrassed, “And it was a recommendation and have fallen in love ever since, I take it you have been to California?”

“Yeah…. I have, I went to the vineyards last summer and haven’t looked back since”

“That must have been amazing”

“Yeah, it was!”

Was the trip with friends?

No!.... It was with an ex actually” Amina’s facial expression suddenly changed as she remembered him!

“Oh! I am sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“No, no, how would you even know! Dates are for questions and we ask question on dates” she said getting flustered beginning to well up. “Gosh this is so embarrassing; I am a mess.”

“No, don’t say that relationships are hard and break ups can be brutal, I am sorry you’re still hurting, do you want to talk about him/her/them”

“No, don’t be ridiculous we don’t need to speak about him!” At that moment she looked up and locked eyes with them, her affirmation’s twin from the bathroom who gestured her for to take a deep breath and mouthed ‘I do not chase, I attract’ they smiled and gave her an encouraging thumbs up and walked back to their table.

Amina smiled and took a deep breath,

“Why are you being so nice, like this is your perfect out , I am sure most would of ran by now?”

They leaned in towards her, placing a comforting hand on her forehand and said “I am not most and most importantly I am not him: Plus there's still a bottle of 2016 Eleven Merlot that no one should drink alone”


About the author

Irene Dawson Otoo

I love the art of story telling.

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