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By Gracie CrusinberryPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

On the day of my 3 month anniversary, I got broken up. I didn't expect it at all from him to do this to me. he didn't say anything to me at all without any warning or even a goodbye. he read my message on Snapchat but didn't bother to reply to me to say aw thanks babe I love you too happy 3 months. I don't know the reason why he broke up with me. we've dated for 3 months on May 25, 2020-august 25,2020 which is the longest I've been in since my breakup with the baby dad. I thought he wanted to marry me, be his forever, be with him every day and spend my life with him. I thought he wanted to take care of me and provide for me and be there for me when I made my decision for my neurofibromatosis type one because I have a tumor that can't be removed but now it can potentially be removed but that can cause a lot of risks for me including the pill to help with my tumor.

Ryan wanted me to be his officially his girlfriend the first week of dating and then he said will you marry me because he said I'm gonna get down on one knee and ask you a very important question; then it was how does Gracie Frost sound? I was so happy when he asked me to marry him even tho he didn't get down on one knee. I am hoping that this story will somehow reach out to him... I miss him a lot... Ryan if you're reading this please I miss you, come back to me..... What did I do wrong? Did I do something? Did you not want to be with me? Were just wanting to toy with my emotions? I don't understand. The first time you did this was because you couldn't make time with me and that it wasn't fair and we got back together that day after you had blocked me and then unblocked me for a day.... was this a lie?

It seems like you can make a lot of time since you have a new girlfriend. Why couldn't you? You're commenting on her things but you never commented on anything of mine on social media, I don't get it at all. I was so hurt the first time you hurt me. Did I ever make you happy at all? Maybe I didn't make you happy at all ever...

For whatever reason that made you wanna do this I am sorry. Maybe it was because, I wanted to have kids with you and marry you soon; maybe it was because you met my kid I don't know; or that I complain too much about my life that I hate or that I hate being alive; or maybe that you couldn't bare to lose me dying from my tumor that I have that can't be removed because I told you that I would die from internal bleeding. Who knows? OH you do!

I later find out that you moved on from me super quick after telling my friend that you dont have time for relationships; you did all these things with her that you didnt do with me! You took photos with her, commented on her posts; kissed in public and stuff. You never took photos with me because you didn't like it, you didnt want to kiss in public because you thought it was weird, you never commented on my posts.


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