He Saved Our Lives

by Amy Tripp 10 months ago in family

My Savior

He Saved Our Lives

I was once married to a man who I thought I had wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Well that feeling was mutual until I fell pregnant with both our kids. When it came to him being faithful at first, I had nothing to worry about but one day he started to basically beg me to find a boyfriend to be there for me on the nights he was out as late with his friends. I did not want to do it, he begged me for two years and I found the man who would wind up being mine and my children’s saving grace I just did not know it at the time.

At first, he was a good friend that I talk to when I needed help with what my then husband was putting me through. I found out just before New Year's that my husband had been cheating on me physically as well as talking and meeting up with other women while I was in early labor with our daughter. At that point, I told my husband okay fine you will get what you want. I will sleep with someone else. Well, I told my husband that the only way it was happening was if I chose the guy. And I chose my friend that I talked to about everything.

Afterwards we still were good friends and it did not make anything awkward between us as friends. But my husband did not like it at all. It was to the point that my husband had beat me so bad that our oldest, whom is almost two now, is terrified of his father’s voice, his face, anyone who raises their voice and you cannot even point at that baby without him shaking and crying because he’s scared. It was then that I knew I had to get us out. I got my children out first since they are my priority. I went back for most of my belongings and called my savior to leave with me, so I was not alone and had someone to talk to.

I went and picked him up and he left with me and we have not been back since. He has taken me: broken pieces, nightmares and random crying fits and all. He also has taken my children in as his own. After seeing what my ex was capable of especially while I was holding our children with no regard to them or their safety, if I had chosen to stay, I would’ve wound up in the hospital or possibly dead. If my best girlfriend had never introduced me to my savior and if they together had not have talked me into sticking with my decision to not go back for the sake of my children’s and my live’s, I am not so sure I would want to know where I would be or what would’ve happened to me or them. He saved our lives.

Since my leaving that situation my kids are happier, they are still terrified of sudden moves and loud voices, but they are growing up happy and seeing their mom being treated like she matters and not as if she’s just a piece of property. I am finally able to talk about things that bother me, and I do not have to fear that anything will happen to me. I know now that my savior is willing to sit down and tell me he loves me, he will never hurt me or my children like my ex did, he always tells me that he will always be here no matter what. He has stood by me through our current pregnancy as well as when the doctor told us that I have severe depression from what had happened to me and she expressed her concern for this pregnancy. We listened, and he told me on our way home from that appointment that he will be with me every step of the way and he will do whatever he has to, to make sure this is easier on me. I am so glad he saved me and my children.

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