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He's 57, I Am 23

Why Young, Pretty Women Just Can't Stay Away From Old Guys

By virtual SpecPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Naughty or Nice?

It's so twisted and so wrong, and I am so into it.

I'm a 23-year-old female with quite the sexual experience, and I've had a few partners in this lifetime. Kinks and taboos change over time. One day you're all into monogamous sex, the next you're into being abused, then you're into group sex, then I thought I was a lesbian, and then comes the older guys.

I'm not sure where it all went wrong, I have a great family, excellent education, financially well off. My sex life won't stop asking for more.

When I ask others my age of their track record or their sex lives, mine horrifies me. It's also really tragic for me to be attracted to a guy my age or a slight bit older because: one, I don't want to be talked about and two, I don't want to damage them, or as a matter of a fact I'm not interested in being a teacher.

This is why I like old guys.

So below I've listed a few reasons why I'm attracted to a guy that's 57 years old today.

1. He turns me on.

We're at dinner with his ex-wife and three daughters that are mainly in my age vicinity. He grabs my hand and slowly reaches under the table towards my leg; he knows how to play frisky and risky. An older guy can almost feel like a telepathic partner. I'm not sure how he does it, but he knows how to make my arm hair stand up, my cheeks flush, and my underwear wet. There is no better yearning than a mutual one in an inappropriate scenario. Weirdly, when we're out for dinner making out in public and the old ladies are mega horrified by our twisted attraction, it turns me on. Undeniably the passion is there.

2. The Truth About Viagra

I'm not so sure the myths of "nothing working downstairs" is accurate. I don't ask him about it either. When I want some sexy time, it works. Therefore, I chose not to ask nor complain. Size is great, so is girth, and he can make love to me like a proper rock star. Practice does make perfect. Best lover I've had so far. Not to mention, I do love seeing him naked. Thre's nothing more cringe-worthy than a 20-year-old bunny rabbit trying to fuck you. He probably just doesn't get how you like it, gross and annoying!

3. If he's old and he's dating a young girl, he's a ladies man.

I like a man with a story and a past. The majority of guys that still have that spark at that age are full-blown professionals. They either get it or they don't, it's black or it's white. They know their restaurants, they know their talks, they know their strengths and weaknesses (preferably young women. ;) They open doors for you, give you presents, flowers, and also money. And it's not even a special occasion; they are givers. Nothing more attractive than that.

4. It's easier to connect.

What girls love to deny is that financial status matters. If you have nothing to worry about with someone who is financially stable, that means you're not scared to connect. You know he can support you and five kids if you chose to have them. Therefore, it is easier to open up and talk about difficult things and get to know each other fully. Even though most women won't admit it, they prefer not to fully engage nor connect with someone who isn't financially stable. Hence the fuck buddy title and no connection.

5. He makes you feel like a fucking woman!

You are the trophy all the time. He admires your legs, breasts, hair, eyes and your pussy. Youll feel like a Victoria Secret model all the time which makes you radiate sexuality and fertility. There's nothing more beautiful than a woman who is admired by her partner and everyone in the room can feel it. He tells you you're pretty all the time, plays with your hair, smells your neck at restaurants. He praises you all the time, and that's the point.

6. He's a listener and a wise adviser.

No awkwardness. The Old guy is an excellent communicator and listens to all the bullshit you can cry about. He's there for you and always willing to make your day/ life better and help you out. There's nothing like taking advice from someone that you admire. If you can respect your partner for their intellect, you will probably be even more attracted to them. He also listens to all your tantrums and loves how crazy you are. Fucking fantastic.

7. He probably doesn't need to work or focus on his career.

At that age, you've climbed the ladder. Now you are just enjoying the view. Most men will work on their careers and not give their spouses the attention they need. This is the number one cause of unhappy marriages. Men talk about the grass is greener, and that girl is prettier than my wife, yet give their wives no attention nor affection. No wonder the grass is greener on the other side. It's because older men are watering that garden. DUH. Older guys are grateful for what they have while young guys just don't understand the value of practically anything.

8. Nothing grosses them out.

Old guys have seen it all. They've walked into stinky bathrooms, probably had a girl or two puke on them. They won't see you differently because of a gross encounter and never make you uncomfortable about it, either.

AMEN for older guys <3. #DADDYISSUES


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