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He Isn't Really Interested in Finding the Ideal Partner

by shehan anthony 4 months ago in dating
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He Wants These 3 Things from You Instead…

He Isn't Really Interested in Finding the Ideal Partner
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How much of your time do you put into attempting to be the sort of woman that you believe guys are looking for?

If you're like the majority of women, then the answer is a LOT. You put forth a lot of effort to ensure that you have a seductive and alluring appearance.

You've spent all this time portraying yourself to others as someone who is entertaining, fascinating, worldly, and not in the least bit needy. You put in all this effort to demonstrate to him how wonderful a partner you would be for him... Imagine how amazing his future would be if he decided to make you the lady he spends the rest of his life with...

And it doesn't work. It is never successful. WHY? Why do you put forth so much effort... And the person in your life, if he really recognizes you at all, just takes you for granted like you're not even there. It's presumably due to the fact that he's still a child, right? He is unable to appreciate anything until it is no longer available. Or maybe… The reason for this is that you have been doing all of the work for him.

If he does not put any effort into maintaining your relationship, he will not value it.


The things that require a lot of effort on their part to obtain are the ones that men cherish the most.

If you give a man a college diploma without making him work for it, he won't appreciate it as much as he would if he had to put in the same amount of time and effort to obtain it.

If you give a man the ideal woman, he won't appreciate her to the same degree as he would if he had to court her for several weeks before she agreed to go out with him. This is the reason why playing hard to get is effective.

However, as you have most likely already seen...

Playing hard to get creates a significant problem for itself. Once he has you in his possession, this tactic is no longer effective.

When males feel like they've won you, a certain thing takes place. They must be thinking that this is the end of the match. Their thoughts have already moved on to the next obstacle they will face. What exactly is going on here?!

And what can you do to prevent it from destroying your connection with the other person?

It's Not Just You—This Is Something That ALL Women Go Through.

(This Is the Reason They Ask for Our Help)

There are a lot of ladies who give up on love. Because they were afraid of driving a man away if they got too near to him, they never allowed themselves to get that close. On the other hand, some ladies choose for a different strategy. They receive assistance. One of the persons that they seek advice from is relationship counselor James Bauer.

He saw that a significant number of customers were coming to him with complaints about men who were inconsistent in their level of interest. When things were going swimmingly, something unexpected would pop up, and it would be like...

Overnight, a change would occur in something.

A guy who had been kind, loving, and engaged in the relationship might all of a sudden become detached. Because of his busy schedule, he would have no more time for her. He did not offer a welcoming grin at any point. He would avoid making eye contact altogether. His kisses were harsh. James conducted his investigation out of a desire to assist his clients.

And what he found explained everything in a way that made perfect sense. He was aware of the reason these men were withdrawing their attention. He was aware of what people required as well as the things they were not receiving.

It was determined that there was nothing inherently flawed about these ladies.Instead, everything revolved on this concept that he referred to as "The Hero Instinct."

The majority of women are responsible for something that turns men off...

Without Having Any Knowledge Of It

One of the most beautiful qualities of women is the instinctual concern they have for others around them.

Look at you. You are someone who is constantly there for your boyfriend. You watch out for his well-being. You never seem to be too busy for him. You would go to any lengths for him.

You are never going to comprehend the fact that...

You are, in fact, denying him something that he has earned. You are preventing him from accomplishing his goal.

As you can see, he aspires to play the role of your savior. He has no interest in having you serve as his savior.

Men adore heroes. Take a look at the number of mature guys who continue to enjoy reading Marvel comics and watching superhero movies.

From the time they were young boys, all of the men who ever lived had the same childhood fantasy: when they grew up, they would be the sort of heroes who would save the world while also getting the lady.

The typical 9 to 5 employment of a man leaves little room for him to exercise his desire to better the world.

They are not required to cast off their business connections, jump into action, and expose the superman in them since the circumstances do not warrant it. It's possible that they won't be able to preserve the world. However, they still have a chance of getting the girl.

An everyday person who has the heroic spirit of a superhero should view winning the girl's heart as a noble quest. It requires a level of trust that is beyond human. Superhuman charisma. Superhuman immunity to pain. Now, all that is required of him is to locate...

A young lady in search of a savior. Do You Have a Hero in Mind? Let me guess… That is not who you are.

You have great strength. You're independent. You can fix a leaky faucet. You are able to operate a stick shift vehicle. You are capable of looking for yourself. You're not going to make the same mistake that Jerry Maguire did and search for a man to fill the void in your life.

Instead, a guy has a lot to gain from a relationship with you. You're generous. Kind. Loving. Giving to the point of excess. Your sole objective is to locate a man who is open to receiving everything that you have to offer.

And that is why you aren't seeing any heroes in your life right now. Because of this, you have received an overwhelming number of takers instead. Men who take everything you have and then abandon you in a difficult situation. You need to put out a call for volunteers if you are looking for a hero. Here are the steps:

Here Are Three Ways That You Can Start Today to Bring a Hero Into Your Life

Ask a guy for aid.

Inquire from him about the best way to purchase a new computer. You should have him listen to the strange rattling sound that has started up in your vehicle. Request that he reach something for you that is located on the top shelf. Then, give him your sincere gratitude while flashing him a broad grin of appreciation. That does not in any way make you appear needy. It transforms you into a woman whose life has room for a guy to be a part of it.

Find joy in being in the company of men.

Women who respect guys for being men are extremely attractive to men. What does it matter if his residence is like a shrine dedicated to sports? What difference does it make if he works on his fantasy football squad for hours? What does it matter if his concept of a clean garment is one that has the fewest creases possible? He is a male human. It's okay. You do not require him to be more like to you because you already have the feminine component of the gender equation addressed.

Give him the opportunity to earn your respect.

Challenges are something that heroes thrive on. They do not want to be rewarded with a gold medal simply for being at the event. They don't want you to just give them your affection on a silver platter. They are determined to earn it. There is one thing that guys covet even more than a woman's undying love that lasts forever, and that is a challenge. So you should give him the chance to demonstrate his worth. There is no need for you to put in the effort required to win him over. Put your feet up, loosen up, and give him the opportunity to earn your appreciation as you take it easy.

Learn New Things Always

If the idea of doing anything like that seems entertaining to you, go here to view a video presentation on a relationship-building tool. You just need to educate yourself on it once to have it serve you well for the rest of your life.


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