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Has Romance Disappeared?

by Rita Hurry 2 years ago in love
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Where has it gone?

We live in a world where everything is about speeding things up and that includes love and relationships. Finding someone special can be at a touch of a button, just like ordering your take away for the evening.

So has this way of living, taken away the romance that once was?

I am all for independent women and assertive women, hey I am one myself, but does it take away the desire for men to romance women when they want to build a relationship with them? Are we shooting ourselves in the foot by taking too much action and trying to be equals with men instead of letting them sweep us off our feet, open doors for us and make the first move. Has all this independence left men with nothing to do to really win our hearts and get us to fall in love with them?

I am an old-fashioned lady and as I grow older this has become even more so. There doesn't seem to be much romance in the relationships anymore. Yes some couples have 'date night' but is that just a date in the diary where you have to spend time with each other because you both scheduled it!

Wheres the romance in that! Where is the buzz of being asked out on a date and being romanced and treated like a queen spontaneously?

You switch onto a movie on Hallmark Channel (or in the UK Movies 24) and you see romance. You see the guy having to take the courage to tell the woman he loves her by talking to her and not just through texts or emojis!

You see the women get nervous before a date and the gazing into each other's eyes. That is what romance is.

Yes, I know these are just make-believe movies, but for someone who has been here for a long time (not revealing my age), I can tell you for sure, this kind of thing really did happen. The phone calls, the long chats, the taking time out to get to know one person at one time, the unexpected flower delivery, these all were reality, so why can't we bring them back?

There are too many reality shows trying to use physical attraction or getting a visa to get the person to fall in love with you. It's all about a quick win.

Love should never be about a quick win. It should be about two people wanting to be together because they felt that connection and the romance lives on, regardless of what is happening around them.

Romance needs to make a return. Romance should not be a once a year Valentines deal - it should be for ever and always.

A woman should be the woman without having to feel she needs to be the man too and the man needs to play his role and be the man and take responsibility to bring the romance to the relationship and the woman should enjoy it and respect the actions taken.

Lets move away from dating apps and trying to find quick fixes to find love and make it work. Lets have a little faith like many did a few years ago, when dating apps, even online dating was not even thought of!

All we had was good old fashioned, conversation, being seen at social gatherings, connection and making eye contact with that special someone who just caught your eye.

Even when travelling on public transport now, everyone is too busy looking down at their phones, instead of connecting with people and possibly meeting the man/woman of their dreams.

Lets put the phones and the need to be equal down. just for a moment and celebrate our differences and enjoy connecting the differences with some good old fashioned romance.

Ladies lets stop telling the man what you want and why and let them take charge and do those things they think you would love - trust me, if they get to know you properly first without jumping your bones on the first dates, then you will be pleasantly surprised how great they really do at this part.

So ladies and gentlemen - are you willing to bring some of that romance back? Are you willing to embrace your differences and make it shine beautifully? Are you ready to make the effort to bring sparkle to your relationship?

If you are...welcome to bringing romance back!


About the author

Rita Hurry

Coach Rita is an Arts, Media and Film Coach. She has been coaching for over 17 years and is an Award-Winning Law Of Attraction Coach.

Coach Rita's clients include Casting Agents, Actors, Musicians, Singers, Writers and many more.

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