Happy With What You Wait For?

by amanda mollett 9 months ago in dating

Don't be so picky you end up with nothing.

Happy With What You Wait For?

Some women and even men have a list of what they want their spouses to have or have accomplished. I once was told by someone that her man had to have these five things: a car and not just any car the very best car that fits her taste, a job that paid $1,000 or more a week, a house in which his mother did not own and was not living in $10,000 dollars in the bank untouched and no kids with baby mama drama.

Okay, next question. Where are you going to find this guy? What if the guy has a really nice car, all the money in the bank, owns his own house, but he makes six hundred dollars a week and has a kid? When he has most of the things you are looking for are you really going to turn a relationship with him away? Some women would. Other women would like to slap them! It is hard enough sometimes for a woman to find a man who has one of the things on her list let alone be EXACTLY what she wants. You can go 20 years before finding that. You don't want to settle, but when is it really settling?

I heard a man some time later say "there are no women worth anything in this town." A woman listening to this came back saying the same about men. The woman asked this man "What are you looking for?" He replied with his list. His "woman" as he put it, could not be a gold digger. She had to have a job and her own money "because I'm not going to take care of her." She had to have a big butt and big boobs, at least a DD cup, but still had to be thin. She could not be a thick girl.

This woman seemed offended, no I don't blame her, but are our visions do disorder that we can't pick the right ones? Where do we even find the right ones?

We first need to realize that no one is perfect. The best we will be able to find is the one that is perfect for us ourselves. For me, my perfect man is a 27-year-old Virgo, father of three chubby, bearded, coffee drinking man who is a goofball. A man who even though he is away from our family, he always finds a way to make sure that we all feel cared for.

Let's worry more about how much time our loved one spends with us and how they treat us. Let's show up for them. Whether or not they wear glass or what thief weight or height it doesn't matter as much as if a person you can't be without is there for is in your life. People can be without cars, all the money in the world and 500 pairs of shoes. Ask those people if they lack anything in their lives and most of them will say, someone who loves me, someone who makes me feel something, someone who will take care of me in my old age.

Even if the person who likes you doesn't have every single thing on your list, give them a chance maybe they will someday and then you will have been the fool that let them go. Is that what you want? What if that person could have been something amazing? I, for one, am not going to be the one to let mine go, hard times with him are worth it because I know that one day we will have it all.

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