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Happy Valentine's Day!

by Tiffany Allen 3 years ago in love

Love in the Air

Happy Valentine's Day!
02/14/2018 Heart Doughnut

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! I truly hope that anyone reading this has had a wonderful Valentine's Day and is not feeling lonely on this day of couples and love!

This is the second Valentine's Day I have been with my fiancé, and we are even more in love today than last year. All around my office you can see flowers that have been delivered and smiling women all over the place. I, of course, am one of those happy, smiling women! The delivery box came to my office, and I was just floored. My fiancé and I have been talking about having no money for presents or a date night for this Valentine's Day. He played it very well! "I feel horrid about not being able to take you out or buy you anything." My fiancé played the part so well of the guilt-ridden man who truly feels bad about something going really wrong. I, of course, did my very best to make him feel so much better about bad timing with paychecks. I was saying, please do not feel bad, baby... we can always go out a little late for a Valentine's date, trying so hard to convince him that I was fine, our love is enough. Well, here comes the familiar box with a gift card on the side around lunchtime in my office. At first, I was racking my brain for what I had ordered, knowing that I had not. Then it reality kicked in when I saw the purple gift card on the side of the box. So I read the card that said, "Every year with you is sweeter than the last." I knew right away it was my absolutely amazing fiancé! It ended up being a beautiful miniature roses plant set into a metal bucket with hearts on it. The gift came with a white teddy bear and a little box of chocolates. (The roses came with a Plant Care Tips brochure, so that is awesome.)

It makes me smile just knowing the devotion this man has towards me! And then I begin to think...

Do others have this type of love for Valentine's Day? The kind of love that is so real that you never fight? And when you have a disagreement, you calm down and talk rationally? Always letting the other know what is in your mind and heart? Never going to bed angry? For going to bed angry is the beginning of the end. Through absolutely everything, you are just connected on this extremely deep level that no one can ever understand. You are not entirely alike, but you have so many interests that are similar. You are willing to try something new because that love of yours likes to, say, play video games. You are willing to try the video games, you are willing to see if you end up liking something new for their sake.

I myself have tried many new things myself, all for the sake of the man I will be marrying. I gave Star Wars a go—a movie that for my whole life I swore I hated. Swore it with every fiber of my being!! Did not take very long into the first Star Wars, released on May 25, 1977, for me to immediately start loving Leia Organa! Princess Leia is truly one of those things that I am super grateful I gave a chance, and all because of my fiancé. My lifelong Valentine. The man who makes today, and every day, a million times brighter.

Have a blessed Valentine's with the one you love!

Tiffany Allen
Tiffany Allen
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Tiffany Allen
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