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Hang your jeans in my Closet

E7 Octane is good for the Soul

By Jay LeTron DobbinsPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Hello operator get my heart on the line! Got to see these words and I don’t have much time. Saw your photo just the other day! Your skin tone hit the sun in a special way!

Now you got me in my room practicing on things to say! Each second passes I think of something better to say!

Put my phone down just to say hello to you! Got five minutes of your time, now here is what I plan to do!

Wait, operator please don’t loose this line! I have to take this one chance to show her she should be mine!

My ultimate goal, is no lie! Trying to put your jeans on my closet pole line! So there’s no need to be shy!

So let’s cover the plan before you step through my door! Let’s take our time and see what life has to offer! Let’s make room for each other and drop the negative vibe about dating. Let me give the reason to grab that crown for all the rest of the seasons.

We can trade military stories and laugh the night away! Allow me to let down my guard and you can be natural and put all your wigs away!

You can speak freely to me as we hold hands on a charter cruise overlooking the changing of colors of water as we float to a destination made for you and me!

Yeah, but it be all for nothing and life would have to come to a complete pause it! I’m still thinking about you hanging those jeans in the corner of my closet.

They say E7 is the best fuel for the heart mind and soul! No, it just took a guy like me to be this bold and tell you my goal!

Still can’t stop thinking about your look that gave me joy and smiles for days to come! Miss, whatever you have, don’t pass it out! I would like to have more than some!

Let me take the time to tell you about the dream I had the other night! Maybe not! Let me stay focused on the beauty that beholds the wonders within my sight!

No, can’t tell you the purify yourself in a lake! I have a few ideas where we can go catch a nice steak! Maybe talk some more and lay some things out to plan and do much more!

I can put on some Will Downing and we can lost in each other’s eyes! Sorry that I had to go there, but essence of life lies between (let me stop).

Listen, take a walk with me and I will show you all kinds of wonders! Give you many reasons and thoughts beyond the days of thinking of no other lover!

I have to be honest and thought about how long did it take you to put on those jeans! I could have kept my thoughts and smothered them within! However, I chose the high road and decided to jump right in!

Whatever the day may bring, I could give you a few reasons to have a great song to sing! Anyhow, seeing under the mistletoe could be a dream come true!

Next year, let’s put up a Christmas tree together! Give me your hand and walk with me through to ruff weather!

Some say it’s the journey and not the destination! Somehow putting your jeans in my closet is a big fantasy and a wonderful fixation!

Big secret! It’s really not the jeans, but the comfort in you hanging them there! Can we work on your comfort level with me?


About the Creator

Jay LeTron Dobbins

Casual writer! Love to express in print! Tell people how you feel and love life to the fullest with no regrets. Try to say something good about a person when they can hear it, and not when they are gone! Love like no tomorrow.

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  • Salman siddique3 months ago

    Nice to read bro Use some keywords also

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