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Gypsy Rules Continued

After the truth had passed

By SharikaPublished 2 years ago Updated 5 months ago 9 min read

For all those who wondered what happened with Tiffany from my story Gypsy Rules. Buckle in for a ride. Here is part 2 with many more twist and turns as we follow Tiffany on this journey called life. Lights! cameras! Action!

I sat there with a heavy pout on my face as Peter softly stroked my cheek. I’ll always love you, I’ll always be here for YOU no matter what path we are on. He continued in his sexy voice that was so deep, so soothing it felt like I was being hypnotized. His soft hair grazed my cheek as I looked up at him. I don’t know when I ended up in his lap or how his arms became wrapped around me, but I needed it and him so bad right now I wish I could just freeze time.

We kissed until we were breathless, made love until we were weak and I almost escaped my reality while laying in Peter’s bed entangled in his arms. My head rested on his chest and I could hear his heart beating, feeling his chest rise and fall with every breath he took. A rhythm that used to bring me so much peace. I closed my eyes and saw Tracy, every rise and fall of his chest was washed away with the image of Tracy struggling for air, his heart beat became the monitors in her hospital room. The endless beeping and the fear of what life would be like if that beeping suddenly stopped.

I gasped and sat up abruptly, startling Peter awake.

Tiff, He said sitting up concern written all over his face.

I could barely look at him.

I gotta go, I said frantically searching the floor for my clothes. The sun was up, what fucking time is it! I suddenly felt discombobulated.

FUCK!!! Was I even wearing underwear, I mumbled to myself. A glance at my phone and it showed 10 missed calls.

Move it! Move it! Move it, my mind screamed. You gotta get outta here!

Tiff, what’s wrong, Peter asked scrambling to get his clothes on.

Nothing, I said as tears escaped from my eyes.This sporadic crying is getting ridiculous. I gotta control myself. My boots were on, I grab my leather jacket and Beenie cap, I was headed for the door when Peter jumped in-front of it.

Tiffany,he said hands on my shoulders, Please look at me, please. What’s wrong? Did I do something? Did I say something? Is Trac..

I didn’t let him finish, the very sound of her name cut like a knife. I felt like I just betrayed her by not being by her side and at the same time I’m hurting Peter by being by his. I couldn’t speak, how could I? How do you tell someone you just made love to that cuddling in their arms reminded you of your dying sister?

Peter came closer, as I stood with my head down like a scolded child.

Baby... talk to me, Peter whispered, lifting my chin with his finger. My eyes were closed, the last thing I needed to see was his perfectly sculpted shirtless body, or the sexy way his jeans hung off his hips. Annoyed by his persistence and perfection, I inhaled deeply, the next words that were coming out of my mouth were going to cut like a knife. They have to. He’s too good for me and I’m too fucked up for him to fix. He smells amazing.

“ I don’t need your Maury shit right now Peter! We fucked cuz I had nothing else going on. I don’t even know if I want to marry you and I need to fucking leave.”

I reached for the door handle and Peter put both his hands up and stepped aside. He turned away from me but not before I saw his face turn red and tear slide down his cheek. He ran his hand roughly through his hair and grabbed his coat.

Awesome! He said, not yelling but loud enough for me to flich. He stormed by me and said.

Let’s fucking go, I’ll drive you because it’s a long way to the hospital from here.

I opened my mouth to speak and Peter stopped, without even looking at me he said,

SAVE IT TIFF, I’M DRIVING YOU! And continued out the door leaving me chasing after him to the car.

The ride to the Hospital seemed like a long one, mostly because I spent it staring out the window and avoiding eye contact with peter at all cost. The few glances in his direction that I did get, his face seemed full of sadness and he kept his eyes focused on the road.My engagement ring caught the sun and the dimonds were blindingly beautiful. My phone buzzed yet again and it was my mom. I was one light away from the hospital so I answered.

Tiffany my mom whispered, she sounded, distrot, lost and utterly hopeless.

She sounded like......OH GOD!!!

MOM! I need you to talk to me and be super clear as to what's going on. My Heart sank because I already knew. My mom started crying uncontrollably and just repeated Tracy’s name over and over again and that was all I needed to confirm my thoughts. At the lights before the hospital, I unclipped my seat belt and bolted out of the car.

TIFFANY!!! I heard peter shouting, Tiffany!!!

I ran through traffic dodging cars as they honked at me for my irresponsible actions, yet I didn’t care. I ran until I reached the hospital doors and then I ran some more. I hit the elevator and impatiently hit the call button. 5 seconds was all I could wait, just long enough to catch my breath and run up the stairs. I pushed through the emergency exit door on Tracy’s floor like someone crossing a finish line. I ran from room to room until I got to hers and then my world came crashing down, all the air left my body, and I was lifeless. There was my mom with her arms around Tracy’s head crying until she chocked and there was no more beeping, the monitors were off, and the only thing hooked up to Tracy was an oxygen machine that made her chest rise and fall. Her bandages had been removed from her hands and she no longer had an iv. My dad was on his knees at the foot of her bed praying for forgiveness and asking God to watch over her. My mom glanced up and saw me standing in the doorway and waved for me to come over but I couldn’t move. This world no longer made sense.

What the fuck was even going on and why wasn’t anyone talking about it?

Why was dad praying like he gave a flying fuck and why was mom getting Tracy’s hair soaked with her tears?

Why is this happening? I fell to my knees,and suddenly there were these strong arms wrapped around me with a scent that I reconized. His hair grazed my shoulder and I sobbed uncontrollably. Why is this happening Peter! Ohhh God I whispered. Why!!

I don’t know baby, Peter whispered in my ear but I promise you it will be okay. It was then that I cried my hardest, I cried for the memories, I cried for the should ofs and would haves. I cried for my mom who will never be the same after this and for my sister who never be a aunt to my imaginary children or attend my potential soon to be wedding. I cried for my dad who even though I couldn’t stand to look at him right now knew that he would never get what he desperately wanted,which was more time. I cried until I felt like I would pass out and then I cried some more. Peter never left. He sat with me on that cold hospital floor until the evening doctors came in to do their rounds. It was then that we all stood and I got to hear for the first time what my parents already knew.

May we start by saying we are extremly sorry for your loss, said the oldest doctor out of the team. His other three colleagues nodded in agreement and my mom whispered a thank you.

“From this point on they continued you are going to be seen by a few people before we bring Tracy up to surgery for the organ removals”

What the FUCK I said pulling myself out of Peter’s arms

ORGAN REMOVAL??? What the fuck is going on here

TIFFANY my dad shouted, watch your mouth.

Don’t you fucking talk to me about what comes out of my mouth, you fucking houdini!!!And pay attention to what to liquid you put to yours!!!

I was out of control and I didn’t give a rats ass who I was hurting,anyone in my path was going to get it for this.

No one told me anything while I sat here crying for hours and now your casually talking about cutting up my sister and harvesting her organs like some sick horror film!

MOM! I said staring at her, what the hell is this!!

The doctors looked at each other uncomfortable, we can come back in an few hours or so Mr and Mrs brooks.

No its okay my dad said

To fuck it is!! I yelled a few hours would be great I said to the doctors, tears streaming down my face, and they aren't married anymore! My dad walked out on that idea years ago.

Tiffany, Peter said

I fucking dare you Pete!! I dare you to try to talk to me right now when my sisters last hours of her life were spent alone while I was with you!

She was my everything!!and I wasn’t even here and I left her in the hands of these 2 edward scissor hands.

Tiffany stop! My mom said coming towards me as my dad shut the room door.

Don’t! I said to him, Don’t you dare try to trap me in here so you can sell me on some crap about how this is the right thing to do!

It’s what Tracy wanted Tiffany my mom said rubbing my shoulders.

I pulled away from her too. How can you even say that!! Tracy was so young, how in the world would she have known she was going to get cut up at 25! I want a fucking landrover mom! You gonna get me one too? Just because right now it sounds like a good idea to me.

It’s not just right now my mom whispered and handed me a folded sheet of paper. She left this for you. We found it in her wallet when we checked her Drivers license to see if she wanted to be an Organ Donor.

The folded paper had my name written on the outside in Tracy’s hand writing.

I unfolded it slowly as if it were ancient. It read

My big sis Tiffany,

If you're reading this, that means god had bigger plans for me than I did for myself. Whatever it was that has happened why I'm not here, just know I'm rocking it out with Jesus in heaven and I've left you to do all the things I couldn’t so you can’t ever stop living. I know if I’m able to donate my organs that I want to because I lived an awesome life and I would want to give that chance to someone else to do the same. Please don’t be mad Tiff, please let me do this. Missing you already.

Love always and a million forevers

Your sissy Tracy

I had no words, this IS what she wanted. Damn it Tracy! You never even told me I growled. My mom tried to take a step towards me and I put my hand out like a crossing gaurd.

DON’T! I screamed and for the record I HATE this, I said waving around the note and hate you both for this being the one thing out of my entire life that I’ve ever seen you both agree on.

The air in the room felt thin. I wanted to be next to Tracy but it would have broken me to a point where I didn’t think I would have ever come back from. The more I looked at her, the more the idea of someone operating on her now, in this state broke my heart. I looked over at Peter, my eyes felt swollen and he looked like he had no clue what to do. I had been so mean to him, when all he was trying to do was be here for me. I felt ashamed, angry and overwhelming sadnesses. I did what I knew how to best and took off running, until the screams that were calling me back became whispers and the whispers became silence.


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I love writing, creating something out of nothing, the world is a canvas. Musically anything goes. I was the girl in high school in the corner with ear buds and notepad. Now I’m the women who dances to her own drum barefoot on shore.

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