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Google ranking checker

By Ashlyn BambinaPublished about a year ago ā€¢ 5 min read
Google Rank Checker

We all experience hard times when we try to track our keyword rankings manually and maintain their history and then move forward with the strategy by analyzing the data we got.

As Google updates its search algorithm regularly, the SEOs are continuously improving their strategies because traditional SEO techniques will no longer work in the upcoming days.

This means the traditional rank tracker doesn't satisfy the SEO's needs. This is exactly when the advanced rank tracker with all the SERP features tracking comes into the game.

An advanced rank tracker is one that's designed to help SEOs overcome the shortcoming they have met with using other normal rank trackers.

And, it will be built with the features that everyone missed in other typical rank trackers.

Have you come across any such advanced rank trackers?

If no, it means you haven't tried the recently launched highly advanced modern rank tracker, Serpple.

This immaculate rank tracker is built by keeping in mind the pain points of SEOs struggling with regular rank trackers.

Yes, here comes the role of the best keyword-tracking tool.

The best keyword tracking tool tracks your keyword rankings with 99.5% accuracy..


A best rank tracker doesn't stop with rank tracking, in addition to this, it must have a bundle of extraordinary features for SEO professionalsšŸ¤©

Let me list you top unique features of a best SEO Tool - Serpple

Serpple is the most accurate SEO rank tracker to monitor your keyword's performance on the search results and take your SEO game to the next level.

Serpple has,

Keyword refresh systems are essential features for any rank tracker but in Serpple we took one next step by including both default & instant refresh. Default refresh is handled by the platform so that all keywords' positions will be updated every morning automatically within your project. (no matter how many keywords & projects you have). Instant refresh is a manual keyword refreshing method that can be used to know the SERP position instantly.

Scoring mechanism and we are calling it "Serpple Score" to measure the performance of your keywords on a dynamic basis. This score will help people who manage multiple projects and get a quick overview of how a project is been doing!

99.5% SERP detail accuracy along with the snapshot of how your website's metadata looks on Google's search list.

Scheduled report feature to get the custom report to your email and a few other recipients. Also, we have an email alarm setting to notify you when there is a change of progress on your project, and you can enable/disable it at your convenience.

Other SERP element indications, we named SERP legends. This contains a site link, image pack, news pack, map pack, twitter pack, related question pack, and lot more elements.

Competitors tracking feature which will analyze your SERP competitors and provides you with a list, you can choose those competitors and track their rankings also.

Each & every graph as well as the indicators are dynamic and contain some information that you can find by using a mouseover.

I have a lot to explain but I think it might go long... Likewise, many essential features are available in Serpple for SEOs to move ahead from their competitors.

Every SEOs should be aware of the SERP features. The SERP features are nothing but all the types of results that have been shown in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) but not the traditional organic results.

These results are specifically designed for providing a better experience for searches by getting more detailed and relevant information.

On the other hand, SEO professionals were utilizing these SERP features to better understand the search intent. Because their ultimate goal is to rank in the Search engine results page organically by optimizing their websites for search engines.

Here I have listed the most popular SERP features that every SEOs should rank as well.

Google Ads

Featured Snippet


Twitter Pack Results

Image Pack Results

Video Pack Results

Related Questions

News Pack Results

Local Pack Results

Map Pack Results

Among these 10 notable SERP features, first, you have to find where your competitors are ranked in these results. Only then you can easily find the opportunities as well.

Exploring rank tracker tool is made easy as it has been provided with tool tips... You will come to know the purpose of each feature when you mouseover.

All those stated above isn't the complete picture of Serpple's platform. To gain enough deep insights on what a true rank tracker should look like or to find out if the above stated features really do exists in the tool

Explore Serpple CTA

After serppling, try to optimize and rank for these SERP features along with optimizing for organic search results.

Track your SEO impacts from Serpple's dynamic graphs. See how your keywords perform on Google with the serpple score. Observe the ups and downs of your keyword positions everyday in Google Ranking Checker

Most SEO newbies, experts, professionals, and even agencies are in need to show progress with their SEO efforts and the progress of their campaigns. In other words, they need to be able to measure how the efforts they are making have a positive or negative impact.

In order to this done without any hustle, you need to be able to track your rankings with pinpoint accuracy. This becomes only possible when you have an advanced rank tracker - Serpple...

Therefore start using this SEO rank tracker and take your SEO game to the next level.

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