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"Good Evening, Merlot"

A Promising First Date

By LaToya JonesPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

“What will I wear tonight"? I ask myself as I lay in bed. I just woke up from an awesome night's sleep. As soon as I opened my eyes, a smile spread across my face, as I remembered what day it was. I just bought these leather leggings in burgundy. So trendy. But my black skirt has always been a date night fav. Decisions decisions.

It’s been a busy morning. I’m relieved when Katherine stops by my desk to invite me to happy hour with the girls after work. I appreciate the breather. “I can’t make it," I tell her. “I have a date tonight that I wouldn’t miss for the world." She tells me how excited she is for me, it’s been a minute since I’ve gone on a date. Katherine whispers, “What are you going to wear, something sexy I hope.” I can’t help but laugh, I know I am a reserved dresser. My brother says I dress like a grandma. I tell Katherine that I decided on the burgundy leather leggings with a cream chiffon blouse and black booties. She gives me a high-five! We both laugh, “I’m so glad you’re not wearing a suit or something a grandma would wear,” Katherine says. I reply, “girl, I know. I want to be taken seriously around here, so I always wear things that cover my body up as much as possible. But I’m looking forward to tonight and I want to look sexy.”

I work for another three hours then head home a little early. After I arrive home, I take a long bubble bath with lavender bath salts. Lavender is my favorite scent. After my bath, I moisturize my skin with my favorite Cashmere Rose lotion from Korres and put on my favorite perfume. I think out loud, “If I’m going to look sexy, I have to smell sexy too.” I put on my bathrobe and think of something to do while I wait for it to be closer to the time of my date. I know just the thing. I’ll watch some ratchet reality TV to make me laugh, My girls, The Kardashian's are on, and they are cracking me up as usual. They’re funny without even knowing they’re funny. Before I know it I doze off. I wake up startled, wondering what time it is. Only 6 o’clock, only one hour to go. I jump up and run upstairs to get ready for my date.

I slip out of my robe and put on some sexy black lace underwear. Of course, only I will know they’re on, and that just sounds so sexy to me, being the only one who knows. After I step into my leggings and pull my blouse over my head I sit down at my vanity to expertly apply my makeup. Since I’m wearing burgundy and cream I settle on pink and rose makeup colors. They compliment my burgundy leggings perfectly, and they make my dark brown eyes pop. I apply a rose gold highlighter on my cheekbones and admire how structured they are.

Out of nowhere my doorbell rings; I look puzzled because I’m not expecting anyone and I know it’s not my date. I hurry downstairs and find a package on the porch. Of course, it would be a package. Amazon and I are best friends these days. I bring my package in and rip the box open excitedly. I waited three whole days for the Sex and The City show series DVD box set to arrive! Yes! I think to myself, “I cannot wait until this weekend. I’m parking my butt on that couch and I’m not moving except to use the restroom or get food. I’m watching every episode, in order.” Friday night is going to be so fun. “Maybe I’ll invite Katherine over. We can make it a girl's night in. No Diana, this is not the time to think about a girl's night,” I tell myself, as I remember that I need to finish getting ready.

I put on my lipgloss and smile at my reflection in the mirror. This lady looks good, and she knows it.

Backing out of the garage in my white 528i I put on some Floetry. It’s a whole vibe. I pull into the restaurant parking lot, park, and take a last glance in the mirror. I look good. Time to meet my date, I go inside and am seated at a table rather promptly. It is a Wednesday night, not normally a busy date night. After looking at the menu for a couple of minutes, I place my order. Only a couple more minutes pass. I look up and see my date approaching me. Immediately a big smile slides across my face as the feeling of relief comes over me.

Then I say, sweetly, “Good evening, Merlot.”

What a beautiful evening for a first date.


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