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Girls adore and find interesting guys with glasses for the following 10 reasons.

Are glasses-wearing men attractive or not? Do girls like or avoid guys who wear glasses? Here is all the information you require to put the argument to rest!

By berry liPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Do girls prefer men wearing glasses? Really, there's something appealing about men who wear glasses! Guys wearing spectacles have a quirky, perceptive, and endearingly nerdy appearance that is both unimposing and appealing. Guys with spectacles are simply not scared to be themselves, nearsighted and all, whether or not it is due to a vision issue *which is most commonly the case*.

They don't care what others think of them, and they simply go about their bespectacled lives, ignoring the most prevalent preconceptions that they have almost certainly all heard.

In fact, guys with glasses are walking contradictions. They surprise you in more ways than you can imagine. People tend to underestimate these four-eyed guys, but after spending time with them come away pleasantly surprised by their charm, warmth, and character.

It's comparable to going on a date with a shy man and having sex with a real stud. Guys with glasses will amuse you with their humor and lead you on a thought-provoking adventure. Additionally, they'll pay attention to what you have to say and are ready to learn new things, particularly if they concern you.

You might be surprised by dating glasses-wearing men.

Here are the top reasons why we think guys with glasses are hot, regardless of whether they are as enigmatic and moody as Mr. Grey, goofy and boyish like Clark Kent, or smart and artistic like John Lennon.

1. They will teach you a thing or two

Guys with glasses have something they know that you don’t—or at least they look like it. To prove this point, there was actually a study where people who wear glasses were considered to be 14 IQ points more intelligent than those who don’t wear a pair.

2. They are the type you’d bring home to meet your parents

Whether you think it’s an unfair stereotype or not, men who wear glasses are considered to be nicer than those who don’t.

Maybe it’s because of the way movies and television portray guys with glasses as nerdy, tame, and wholesome. But let’s face it: you know your parents would rather have you bring home Leonard Hofstadter than Barney Stinson, right?

3. Their glasses tell you lots about their personality

Thanks to glasses, you can see into the quirks and personalities of guys. From wayfarers, gold-rimmed, plastic, to round frames, you can easily know what to expect from a guy by their choice of glasses. For example, hipster-types often wear classic wayfarers, and serious geeks wear Benjamin Franklin’s, while those who wear plastic frames are often fun and carefree.

4. Their eyes become much more mysterious

There’s something about a man behind a pair of eyeglasses that renders him a bit more mysterious than the next guy. This is probably because if eyes are the windows to the soul, glasses are the curtains *well, it’s not the best analogy, but you get the drift*.

Plus, you can find yourself pleasantly surprised, and aroused, when you remove the glasses and find a pair of sexy eyes behind the bifocals.

5. The glasses add sexual tension and are great for teasing

Come on—glasses are to men what hair is to women. You can use both to flirt. You can take them off, put the temples between your teeth, lower them to your nose, push them up closer to your eyes, push them up on your head. Guys with glasses can take home a girl with just this one secret weapon.

6. Squinting

No doubt. Nothing is more seductive than a man who squints after removing his glasses. That mannerism is something that only guys who wear spectacles can do. Additionally, when they are not wearing their glasses, they have a strange, lovable expression on their faces.

7. They look smart and sexy at the same time

Having the right pair of glasses on a guy, the type that frames their face perfectly makes them look well put-together and smart. Put him in the middle of a crowd of glassless guys and he will stand out looking so hot you’d want to take off those glasses and ruffle his hair before giving him a French kiss. At the same time, guys with glasses look so smart it feels like they’d give you a lesson on French history.

8. They fulfill your fantasies about girls

A cute guy in spectacles satisfies the entire Clark Kent/Christian Grey/mature guy/hot teacher/bookish nerd ideal that every female has. You can already picture yourself taking off those spectacles, gazing intently into those eyes, and then putting a wild kiss on them. Need we say more?

9. Wearing contact lenses is so dated

The 1990s have returned to demand their contact lenses. It really is that out of style. particularly for males. Can you picture having a passionate moment with your partner as he exclaims, "Just a sec," yanks both of his eyes wide open, rolls them back, and blinks like a deer caught in the headlights? Right, not so hot.

10. You appear hotter.

As a result of their poor vision, they are unable to see anything without their glasses. You can appear more attractive to him as a result than you truly are. Imagine quick auto-tuning for your body and face.

Girls will remember the quiet, unassuming guys with spectacles. Guys with glasses are the epitome of classy, sophisticated, and hot. Need we say more?


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