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Why do most men online feel the need to ghost women?


I have had men ghost me before countless times.

I’ve talked to some of my friends and it seems to be happening to them as well.

Why is it when you go to an online dating app, exchange phone numbers, then get a sext request?

Soon after, he starts sending pictures of his dick.

Next thing you know, you’ve been ghosted!

You don't hear from him for a while then all of sudden you get a message that says, “I like your pics.”

Guess what? He sent that message to you from the same dating app you first met him on. WTF?

It doesn't seem to matter how old the men are.

They just all seem to be doing it.

I decided to do a little digging and explore the 10 possibilities of why men ghost women.

Maybe you can relate and won’t feel like this is only happening to you.

1. Men get distracted easy

I feel that even though a man is interested in me and says he wants to continue to talk that he just loses interest for whatever reason and moves on.

My thought is that there is another woman he’s talking to that maybe turns him on more.

Next thing you know, I’m an afterthought and have been dropped like a hot potato and ghosted out.

2. It's an elimination process

I get the feeling that if a man starts to send me pictures of his male anatomy and then asks me for a nudie shot to send to him and I don’t comply then that is part of his elimination process.

He’s probably testing the waters to see what type of woman I am.

Obviously, if he’s just after sex then he’s going to ghost me out because he’s not getting what he wants.

3. Ignoring me

Men probably feel that it's just more simple to ignore and ghost me out without giving an explanation or simply texting and saying, “Thank you, but no thank you; I'm not interested anymore.”

4. It's just an easier option

Maybe men just don't want to deal with ending it with a woman because they're always saying how they just ‘don't want any drama’ in their life.

They're afraid that I’m going to flip out or break down and cry if they say that they're not interested in me anymore.

Like really?

What am I, fourteen years old?!

5. They’re like kids in a candy shop

A lot of the men I meet online tell me that they are newly single.

Because of that, they probably have no clue what they're doing.

Men get so excited that a woman is even paying attention to them that they have to show the one thing that they're very proud of... their dick.


But of course, if I don’t reciprocate back they probably take it as a sign that I may think it's too small or something so they ghost me out to save their pride.

6. They're just plain cowards

Men really don't want to face giving me the honest truth that they're looking for just a sexual playmate.

So to avoid the whole adult conversation thing it's just easier to ghost.

7. It's the thrill of getting another woman

A man probably figures if they've already conquered me, how many more can they go after and have the same result?

I believe that it’s some sort of a control freak mentality that makes some of them feel like a big man because they have the ultimate say in this so-called ‘relationship.’

8. He found another one to play the sex game with

Unfortunately, that's the way it goes... if you don't play with them then they're going to dump you and find another chick that will.

9. You didn't put out on the first date

I actually got past the sexting once and went out on a date with a man I was interested in.

He bought me dinner and a few drinks then asked me, “Can we take it back to your place?”

I said, "No, because I have a son at the house."

Then he asked me, “Well, can I get a blow job in the car instead?”

Naturally, I turned him down and went home.

Of course, the next day I didn’t hear from him.

Not a surprise at all... ghosted again because I didn’t put out on the first date!

10. They jack off and move on

Yep, as vulgar as it sounds probably a lot of men just use my dating pictures to get their rocks off.

After we talk a while and they’re not getting anywhere with me sexually, it’s just easier for them to ghost me out and move on to the next unsuspecting lucky lady.

Now, I’m not saying I have my tits and ass hanging out in my dating profile pictures.

But nowadays, it seems most men get a hard-on just from seeing some skin.

If you can relate to a handful or more of this then know you are not alone.

I know it may seem like this is the new norm in the dating world.

Well, it may be in a way, but if you stand your ground, know what you want, and weed out all the classless assholes out there you will find a gentleman.

If you’re new to the dating world...let's say that you've been married for twenty plus years and just recently got divorced.

You're thinking about going out with someone or getting online with a dating app or a dating site, don’t be afraid of what’s out there.

What I have personally learned from some good men that I have conversed with is that a man who is looking for a relationship DOES NOT engage in sexting, asking for nudes, sending dick pics or will pressure you for sex.

Now, if this is something that you are interested in, then more power to you, girl.

You go for it!

But if you're the type of woman, like me, who isn’t looking for that then don’t waste your time.

Block those men and make room for the good ones that are out there.

Don't let it be the new norm!

Dating is nothing to be terrified about.

Remember, be yourself and always... GO FORTH... GO FEARLESS!!
Tami McDonald
Tami McDonald
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