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Gender Emotions: No talk between husband and wife?

Five topics to promote the relationship between husband and wife

By Ivy in LovePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

In modern life, people's life rhythm will become extremely fast because of various pressures. When you walk on the street, you will see that people in the past are in a hurry. After marriage, due to their respective jobs, the couple cannot meet each other during the day. They can only meet when they go home at night. However, because they are physically and mentally exhausted after a busy day, they are too lazy to communicate with each other and go directly to rest. Some people will think that the husband and wife are too familiar with each other and there is no topic to talk about, but if this goes on, there will definitely be some problems in the relationship between husband and wife. Is it true that the husband and wife have been together for a long time and have no topics to talk about? The conclusion is definitely not. If you feel that there is really no topic to talk about, then the editor will tell you about the topic of couples to promote their relationship.

Type 1: Fantasy Topics

Each of us imagines what we will be in the future and what kind of person we will become. This kind of topic that opens up our minds and frees our minds is a good way for couples to communicate. You can imagine "buy a lottery ticket tomorrow and win 50 million yuan, how are you going to spend the 50 million" or "when you wake up tomorrow morning and find that you have acquired a superpower, what? You are powerful, you can control water, you can control fire, you can fly, etc., and then what will you do?” You can also imagine “what will you do when you wake up and the world will only be your husband and wife?” and so on A fantasy topic. Talking about these topics can relax the body and spirit of both parties, entertain the mood, and more importantly, promote the relationship between husband and wife.

The second: childhood topics

Everyone has a different childhood. This childhood refers to when you start to remember when you are about 12 years old. Everyone will have some interesting and silly things in their childhood. Both parties can share with each other. For example, "When you were a few years old, you and your friends went to the farmer's uncle's field to steal tomatoes, watermelons, and crops." You can also talk about "When was the first time you two were beaten by your parents and why?" You can also talk about "When did you run away from home for the first time, and what was it for?" There are countless topics such as. The exchange of childhood topics between husband and wife will make the other party feel different from you, feel your innocent side, deepen your understanding of each other, and more importantly, promote the relationship between your husband and wife, Then why not.

The third type: student topic

You can chat about the topics of your student days, from elementary school to university, there are countless things you can talk about. For example, "When did both parties go to the toilet of the opposite sex for the first time, and for what reason"; "Who was the first opposite sex they liked when they were students, and why did they like him"; "What was the reason for being beaten by the teacher for the first time? When did I call my parents again, and why?” and other topics in the student days. We each have been in school for more than 10 years, and the topics in it can be said to be too many. Talking about the topics of school days between husband and wife can help both parties to understand each other’s growth experience and understand each other better. They will cherish each other more, and the relationship between husband and wife will heat up sharply.

Fourth: life topics

This kind of topic is all-encompassing. You can talk about what you have seen and heard this day, gossip in the entertainment industry, and some anecdotes in society. For example: "Some time ago, what are your views on the case of Liu Qiangdong in the United States"; "Some experts have researched that men do housework will make men more stupid, what do you think"; You can talk about what you want to talk about, but remember not to talk about such topics as mistresses, cheating, etc., it is not good, but it will make the atmosphere worse. Made very embarrassing.

Fifth: Sexual topics

Sex topics are, in a nutshell, flirting. For example: "I bought a piece of sexy lingerie today, do you want to see it? What do you think" and so on, I won't talk about such topics, it's up to you to play. Couples often talk about some interesting topics, which will make life more flavorful, not so boring, and it will also make love lasting and fresh, so why not do it.

Personal comments: We all often say that couples fight at the head of the bed and end at the end of the bed. This shows that the most between husband and wife is sex, and sex is a good way to solve problems. Husbands and wives can talk about everything, politics, entertainment, gossip, neighborhood disputes, basketball, anecdotes, and if there is no topic, find a topic. If you feel that he doesn't like to chat with you, then you can ask questions in a fake and humbly manner. After seeing what he knows more about, you can raise all kinds of things like an idiot. Questions, this can not only satisfy his vanity but also promote the relationship between husband and wife, killing two birds with one stone, but we also have to limit it, don't ask too much, it will make him annoy and despise you. Just chatting indiscriminately like this, the relationship between the husband and wife will definitely be sharply warmed for at least a few months or more than half a year.


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