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Funny TikTok videos you may like

by Charles Obutte 10 months ago in humor

Part 1

So we are starting with this one.

Did the Pandemic hit anyone? Unfortunately, yes. Not to worry, there is a lot to do these days. Try and find a way to make yourself happy. Go ask this dude in this video and he’ll tell you how.

Okay so I am try to imagine what’s going on here. His spouse or girlfriend wakes up with him, probably both have had breakfast together. She sets to work with her laptop, and he? Will sure not be left out too.

“Click-click-click” and “Do do do do do”, both are seriously working now.... hahahaha.

I tried looking up the comment section to see what people are saying about the video.

I like this one: “Typing up the divorce papers”. Is she getting tired of his new work? She is going to be like, “Bro, we have bills to pay.”

Another comment puts what she is doing this way: “Shes actually on “match” looking to replace her broken hubby”.......hahahaha.

Now the other side of the coin. When the man has a job, and the woman doesn’t.

Is this going to work? Well find out for yourself in this video. He is so serious on his laptop doing some real work, probably some juicy consulting job, you can tell how serious he is.

Okay so where is the woman of the house? Here she comes! That’s right, here she is. Is that a make-up or a facial mask she is putting on? Well I am still trying to determine what it is but one thing is sure here, she has gotten busy herself.

No one wants to be left out these days.

Did you also see their little kid in the background of the video? He’ll be like, “Dad and mom are killing it, yep, they’re killing it”.....Hahahaha

Here comes one of my favorites as well. This is Derek and his kind of cooking. “Piom piom piom”, as the cooking goes on.

Wait a second, did you here this: “Hold up…Wait a minute….It’s a chopper”

Wondering what a chopper is? When I looked up the comment section of the video, one of the persons who commented there said in Romania, chopper means the same as onion. They actually pronounce it this way, ‘ceapa’.

Also, chopper means a type of cutting knife which may be what he is using there in the video. So “Hold on….Wait a minute…..He’s using a chopper on a chopper (ceapa)….” Hope it rhymes well....Hahahaha

So guys, “piom piom piom”. Next time you check out your local grocery store and see an onion there, know that it’s a chopper (ceapa) or maybe you see a set of utensils there, there could also be a chopper in it.

Okay we’ve got a situation here. Has this happened to you before, like trying to get some annoying bug out of your house?

Now this lady is leaving no stone unturned. She is using an insecticide to kick this bug out of her house.

Hey, but wait a minute. Did I hear this bug say things like:

“I like your house”

“Can we be friends?”

“Oh no that thing hurts”

“You know what, I’ll go I’ll go, don’t worry I’ll go”


Okay so if you had a magical suitcase, where would you go? To see a favorite movie? Shopping in Dubai?

Well this guy in this video has not hidden his.

He’s going to swim and it appears to have a long distant destination. Did you see him arrive the airport? Zoooooom…. he dives into the swimming pool.

Some people who responded in the comment section also have exciting places to go to.

Here are some:

“Me running away from my life problems”

“New York korea America China Los angelas (I suppose ‘Los Angeles’) manila Australia”

“I will go to Canada”

What about you? Are you also thinking of a place to go?


Charles Obutte

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Charles Obutte
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