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From chasing girls to psychology in love

by 哦豁 4 months ago in love
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From chasing girls to psychology in love

From chasing girls to psychology in love

A. Selection of objects

(A) do not hand over too mysterious girl

Every girl has some little secret in her heart, it is normal, but there are some girls, too mysterious, hide themselves too deeply. You have not seen her parents, not seen her even a friend, did not listen to her talk about home, did not listen to her discuss and friends between the matter. It feels as if she is the only person in the world. When you meet this kind of girl, you need to be very careful, do not easily fall into the love network, she is likely to have an ulterior motive. You should control your wallet and credit card and learn to refuse to avoid tragedy. If the situation has not changed after a period of time, you should immediately break it off.

(ii) Carefully observe the friends around her

This principle can be very helpful when looking for a girlfriend, especially if the two are still in the beginning stages and don't know each other well. In the selection of a spouse, rather believe that things come in small groups, and never believe that out of the mud is not stained. A good girl, her aura are full of sunshine and goodwill, then her friends will certainly not be as bad. If her girlfriends are vain, then the girl must be similar, there must be more or less this aspect of character, perhaps now hidden, sooner or later will also be found one day. If she is surrounded by girls are sunny, cute, loving. Then this girl, naturally, will also be a good girl.

(C) do not obey their parents, have a strong class concept of the girl can not want

To their parents to call the girl, do not expect her to be good to your parents, married home will only add to the traffic. Some girls are snobs, always look down on this, look down on that, think they are very impressive. Such a girl can not want, who knows which day, when you are down and out, is not also can not look up to you?

Second, the pursuit of girls

(A) what kind of first impression should be left to MM

1, to let girls see your motivation.

The biggest charm of boys is to have a successful career, young people do not work long to talk about "successful", this time you have to let the girl feel that you are a motivated person.

2, to look confident, responsible

Do not be like a child, girls are very lazy hope to find a rely on, you have to come up with their own confidence and responsibility to. And, only your confidence and responsibility to make girls feel safe

3, not too serious, but also not too casual

The serious place is serious, the flirtation of the time to flirt. Girls like a little cynical man, so don't seem to care about anything in particular, that's too dull. The appropriate humor can also arouse the girl's good feelings for you.

4, look mature a little

Only mature, can be stronger to give girls rely on. Calm, calm and unhurried men have a fatal attraction to girls.

(B) how to start further contact with girls

1, do not be anxious, low profile to start

Good feeling is needed with the increasing understanding of the realization, so the point is that you want to get the opportunity to further develop.

If you come straight to the object, the girl must have psychological pressure. If you find that you do not like you after a period of contact, it will not become a trick on you? So if you start to pose as a must-have, you will basically be immediately smothered back.

First of all, the relationship should be positioned as "friends", originally "ordinary friends", you want to become "good friends", tasteful can also ask each other to become "confidant", in short, never say "chase you". As long as you do not mention "chase", then the girl will have less chance to "reject" you. This can reduce the girl's psychological pressure, so that you can go on a smooth relationship.

2、There is tension and relaxation

The key to chasing a girl is eight words - "hot and cold, and want to catch". The whole day pestering people wisdom let each other feel tired. You appropriate cold for a day or two, the girl will remember the benefits of your presence.

3, to create the appropriate opportunity

As said before, do not make things immediately become "you are chasing someone else", and you need to get close to the girl's opportunity, it depends on your creativity.

You can gather information and find a way to turn waiting for a girl into an encounter; you can also pretend to be careless to find the most adequate reasons to invite each other to do something with you.

4、It is impolite to give people random gifts

Some people are eager to chase girls, like to often buy things to send people, I do not know that chasing girls most taboo this.

As the saying goes, "no gain, no gain", you send people something like this is exerting pressure, people will feel indebted to you, so they will find a way to return you, if there is no way to return you will find a way not to interact with you, so as not to always owe you a favor.

If you want to show their sincerity, but may wish to invite girls to spend together, such as looking for a good restaurant to eat, or find expensive places to play together or something, girls can naturally see that you spend a lot of money, but the money is ultimately two people spent together rather than into something to take home.

(3) confession

When the time is ripe, we can choose some romantic scenes or create some more touching environment for confession. The success rate of this confession will be more.

Three, love

(A) appropriate to go out to swim

In the appropriate time to go out to play, not only can enjoy the beauty of the landscape, but also for you have been accustomed to the relationship to bring freshness, to extend the shelf life of love.

(2) Let your body "tell" you what you think.

Experience has shown that "body language" can often convey more information and express richer emotions to the other person. So, if your verbal skills are mediocre, remember that what you say on a first date will produce few surprises.

According to researchers, on a first date, 55% of your first impression depends on your physical "body language," 38% on your speaking skills, and only 7% on the content of your words.

This means that with a few simple psychological tricks (even if the conversation is only about the weather), you can win the affection of the other person. To do this, your body must be able to send some implicitly positive signals to the other person. The first thing to note is: never stand with your arms crossed in front of the other person; secondly, emulating the other person's posture helps one to experience a sense of closeness.

Studies have shown that gazing into each other's eyes can dramatically increase the feeling of liking and love between even complete strangers. Both lovers can talk emotionally through eye contact and achieve spiritual empathy.

(C) Experience fear together

Nothing can bring two people together more easily than an extreme situation. A tense situation has the potential to turn your life around in a major way. Studies have shown that if a person is in a very agitated state of mind when meeting someone, it dramatically increases their chances of getting romantic feelings.

This is due to the fact that there is a strong link between panic, excitement and adoration. In an experiment called "Swinging Bridge" conducted in the 1970s, psychologists Adul Alon and Dan Dutton found that if a man met a woman on a constantly swaying bridge, he would find her more sexy and romantic - to a degree is significantly higher than the feelings generated when dating a woman on a low and solid bridge.

Of course, this does not mean that the first date has to be arranged in some very extreme conditions. In fact, in the relatively smooth and stable times we now live in, a single experience in a playground has the potential to dramatically increase the level of adrenaline in our bodies.

Studies have shown that couples are more likely to feel affection for each other after watching a suspenseful or tense film together, as opposed to watching a dull film. As for the reasons for this, no one has been able to explain it clearly. Perhaps the increase in adrenaline concentration caused by fear plays a key role.

However, there is a small exception here: although the tense environment will make those who are already very cute people seem more likeable, but it will also make those who are not cute people seem more annoying.


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