Friendship or Success?

by Breanna T 2 years ago in friendship

Pursuit of Happiness

Friendship or Success?

Where are we going? Who are we going there with? What gives us ultimate fulfillment? Is happiness a goal or a by-product of something we have yet to figure out?

I'm at this point in my life where I question everything about my existence, including my existence itself. I have this innate ability to explore what is best for me. But when it comes to this specific topic, I'm still stuck right in the middle of the fence.

People always say that friendship is more important than money. There’s this underlying conception that the relationships we form take priority over social class. But can you form decent and healthy friendships without sufficient money? Can you make adequate money if you're always hanging out with friends? Can you focus on a good career if you're consumed with your external relationships? It's rather difficult to determine what is more important. It’s also difficult to maneuver through the expectations of life. You can sometimes find a balance in these things, however it's not that easy for everyone.

I believe most people would actually be of the opinion that money is more important. People don’t want to be seen as greedy and heartless animals so I believe they keep this thought to themselves. Friendships don't pay our bills and don't fill our bodies with sustenance. I'm sure we would all like that though. It's a common saying that, "money can't buy happiness." Do friendships buy happiness then? Friends can harm you, break you and make you unhinged, and they can never give you sustainable happiness. In my case, friends just decide destroy you and leave whenever they want. It’s something the individual cannot control and it’s one of the worst stings. What does someone have left when all the people are gone?

When you really ponder the statement, “money can’t buy happiness,” in these modern times, it's just not true anymore. A more accurate quote is, "Money fixes everything. No money spoils everything."

Happiness is mostly based on accomplishments and success. Happiness is a constant endeavor. If you reach a goal, the happiness will only last for so long, then you are required to create a new goal. Friendships cannot create a permanent state of happiness either. However, currency can give you a sense of accomplishment and success. It can give you comfort and peace of mind. It can give you freedom from the grind of society. Friendship cannot give you the full extent of these feelings. This is an individualistic journey and it's more profound than even the most meaningful relationships. Money can actually be a measurement for happiness in these competitive times. Relationships are formed using those measurements. In my own sociological research, I have really noticed this one pattern. If someone doesn't contribute financially in activities and expects people to 'pay their way,' resentment will grow. Fairness needs to exist for a relationship to remain healthy and sustain itself.

What about those people that have absolutely everything but still seem irreversibly miserable? Would a simple friendly conversation change what they are? Is a homeless person with a great support system going to think that there’s nothing more missing?

Friends leave us. Money leaves us. We are the only things that remain static. So is it the money or the relationships that are more important? Ultimately, it comes down to what the individual wants in their life. Happiness lies within one's self, through succession or through relationships. And true happiness can incorporate both without having one effect the other.

If you are still having trouble figuring this one out, I suggest getting a nice pet. They won’t leave you, and they may unintentionally give you some guidance when searching for an answer.

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