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Friendship. Is it good or bad?

by Kathlin Larsen about a month ago in friendship

Friendship is the most important thing you can have but when do you know if it’s a good or bad one?

After been living half of my life (ehe) I have experienced them both. Both good and bad one’s but when do you know which ones are which? I have a rule or it’s actually called "The golden rule" a bible verse Matthew 7:2

“Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them; for this is the law and the prophets.”

Now, this simply means: You shall not do to others what you don’t want others to do to you. If you are kind, you expect kindness back. If you show respect, you expect it back and ect ect ect but what happens when you don’t get it back? Do you just ignore it and put up with it or do you do something about it? To feel not appreciated is a really bad feeling and no one shud make you feel that. Even though you don’t want to be selfish you don’t deserve being used. Think about your friends and what you do for them. Do they do the same thing for you? And most important, do they understand you in the way you need them to? Trust, loyalty and respect (as my good man John Cena says. Simply love that guy!) are the most important things in a friendship and may I add in a relationship too, but I will talk about that in another post.

I can honestly say that I cud give my friends my last money if she/he needed them to buy food. Even though if I didn’t had much myself I would still have given my friends my help. The question is, would they have done the same for you? A friendship goes both ways and sadly enough many experience it only goes one way, and that is their way.... What kind of friendship is that? Not one I want to be in. And then we have those who act like your friend but in reality are not. Those who brings negativity and drama in your life. Who always want something, lie about everything, dosen’t see what they do wrong and don’t see what they do wrong at all. Those are the worse ones cause they have the power to manipulate everything so they look good and you look like the devil her self! (I like to say that the devil are a women cause just face it. We are some bitches) I have also experienced that kind of a person. Actually as early as last summer I got backstabbed so hard and it came from nowhere, out from the blue sky and just BAM! Wtf just happened?!?!? And the worse part is the person had no regrets, no remorse or anything for it. Blank denied it! So I got ridd of the person. Never looked back and I’m really happy by that choice I made. Also because I belive in Karma! Mohahahaha! * rubs hands against each other like a super villain *

And then you have those who are friends but we can call them foe or friendemies. Those who’s your friend when it suits them. Those who also can put you down just to make themselves look good and who also disrespect you without thinking over it. This type are simular to the one I describe over here but the different is, they can be really good friends if they want and if they benefit from it. People who gives you doubts but in the same time one you can be with. Think those are the most dangerous ones cause you never know where you have them..

So to find out if your friends aren’t worth your friendship, look after the small signs. The small things. What do they bring to the table? Can you trust them? Are they any good for you? What kind of feelings do you sit with after being with them or have talked with them? When you have figured that out, get ridd of them if they are bad for you. Even though it hurts but I can promise you it is worth it! You will feel much better after it and you will feel so much lighter too. Like a tonn have been lifted up from your shoulders. After that, turn your attention to the real ones who actually are there for you. Who loves and cares for you, who always will be there and come running when your on your deepest but always remember one thing: “The one you trust the most also trust another one”....

I know it’s hard and the fear of being alone but I belive the feeling of being lonely with many friends around you are worse then actually being lonely without friends. You will always meet new people’s and get new friends, but you have to choose to keep the good ones to get your life quality up and be happy. Rather few good ones then many false ones right?

Kathlin Larsen
Kathlin Larsen
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