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by Jasmine Trudell 2 years ago in friendship

Everybody should have at least one good friend.

Having a good friend that you can always count on no matter what the circumstances are is truly a blessing. In the times we live in these days it can be hard to find someone that’s 100% loyal.

Loyalty is a big part of friendship. If there is no loyalty, there is no trust. If there is no trust, there is no friendship, period! You have to be really careful who you call or consider your friends.

The saying “everybody is not your friend” is real. People will smile in your face, but as soon as you get up from the table will talk about you trying to assassinate your character. Mark my words, these people are not your friends.

A friend can most definitely have concerns regarding your situation but will have no problem voicing their concerns with you individually in a kind way without telling another soul. That’s what friends are for. They understand you and respect where you are without harsh judgment. A friend won’t make you look bad publicly, nor will they make a mockery out of you. They will defend you and have your back like no other.

There comes a time in your life when you realize that everybody is not your friend. Be careful who you’re vulnerable with because some people want access to you just to gain information for their benefit. It took a while for me to realize this. Find one friend that you can trust to expose your secrets to. Only give what you can get from this person.

I’ve had my fair share of friends and some are still around and some are not. The whole saying, “You won’t lose a real friend” is true, but to a certain degree. Sometimes you may out grow friendships, relationships, and etc. but that’s okay. Either they will catch up or be left behind.

At the end of the day, friendship is important and is vital to have. One good friend is all you need. We all need someone that we can talk to, laugh with, and just enjoy each other’s company.

I remember after my break up and how my world started crumbling all around and it took a toll on me. It just seemed like all my friends started distancing themselves and before I knew it we just stopped talking all together. I felt lonely as ever. I started saying things like “I don’t need any friends” “ I’m my own friend” not realizing that I was forgetting how to socialize or be vulnerable to new people that was showing up in my life unexpectedly. It was hard for me to open up because I thought nobody really cares anyway. From this experience just know, that anything or anybody can be replaced. Yeah, you don’t want to be naive and think everybody that walks into your life has your best interest at heart but realize that there is some genuine people out there that truly cares for you and it will show.

At the end of the day, we all have flaws, and we all have issues, but having a real friend on your side that can be your emotional support is a wonderful thing. It helps in so many ways so just appreciate it. Appreciate your friendship(s) because unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of calling someone a friend.

Be that person that puts a smile on another’s face. Be that person that pays it forward when a friend is in need. Let everything come from the heart and be kind always. One act of kindness can go a long way.


Jasmine Trudell

Hello All, and thank you for taking the time to stop by my page. I hope to inspire and motivate you all with my gifts. I love to write stories, songs and to dance. I am also a mom chef to my two loving kids Xavier (Zay) and Zaria ( Za).

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Jasmine Trudell
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