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by Marie Kynd 2 years ago in love
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Let the sea set you free

I woke up, my head heavy from the night before. Had I been drinking? Had I been hit over the head? I truly wasn’t sure, the throbbing filling any room in my head free to any thought.

I gathered my thoughts and kept my eyes closed, afraid of what I might see, but the rocking of wherever I was emitting a sense of peace that I was thankful for.

My name was Megan Granger, and I was 21 years old. I lived with someone, but who?

A roommate.. No something more intimate.

A partner? A chill ran down my spine as I pictured his face, and though some semblance of love echoed throughout my body, the logical side of my brain fought against it.

A light filled the room that I could see through my eyelids and I snapped my eyes open. I was resting on a cot? In a ship? I shot up my head pounding, the light hissing at me as though I was it's enemy.

“Oh good you're up.” A half sarcastic voice filled the cabin. I looked over at the sound of the voice and saw a man with darker features. The words played over in my head and I traced the accent back to irish.

“Where am I?” I asked, taking him in to see if I was in any danger. He had dark hair and sharp features placing him in every dashing villain role I had ever seen.

“Oh perfect, you don’t remember!!” he scoffed leaning against the red painted walls of the ship, a semblance of hurt in his voice. “I had my doubts letting a woman on board, and now I realize I’ve let an uneducated one on board as well.” he said, his jaw clenching, my attraction to the villain growing by second but by blood boiling at his tone.

“And how do I know you didn’t kidnap me?” I said gripping the edges of the cott.

“Kidnap you?” He laughed. “No offense, love but if I wanted company at night I’d simply ask a woman to join me. I don’t have an issue with that of woman companionship.” he mocked me as I stood up, the rocking of the ship causing me to stumble over. His eyes watching me, an amused grin on his face before I pushed past him.

“I’m going home.” I grimaced walking up the stairs as his laugh trailing behind me.

“I hope you don’t get seasick, love.” he laughed behind me as I emerged on the deck of 5-6 different men pulling on ropes and manning the deck.

I looked out and gasped looking at the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen, dolphins jumping through the endless sea surrounding us, the water lapping at the edge of the ship I now stood on top of. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, the salty air filling my lungs, leaving dew on the inside to fuel the next full breaths I hadn’t taken since I was a little girl.

“Will you be swimming to shore then?” the same voice asked me. A few men chuckling from behind me as I opened my eyes and glared at them.

“Where are we?” I asked looking towards the sun, my cheekbone aching as I moved to touch it, the defensive man in front of me softening a little.

“We’re sailing towards the virgin islands.” he sighed, getting closer his hand coming up to my face and touching my jaw, who throbbed upon touch. “Do you really not remember why you’re aboard my ship?” He asked his eyes searching mine as another sailor approached.

“What?” he asked, annoyed the walla from earlier coming up with another person near the two of us.

“Dinner’s ready cap’tn.” He basically whispered, the before moment completely gone as an uneasiness settled between us.

“Right, well.” he paused. “You must be hungry.”

We walked towards the back of the ship and served ourselves whatever food they knew as a meal as I kept from making faces. I was aware of all the men’s eyes on me, and couldn’t help but walk with my head a bit higher than usual for appearances alone.

I went back to the front of the ship and ate around most of what was given to me as I watched the waves crash upon the boat. Memories of the night before scattered in broken memories that hurt my head like shards of glass on my skin. I imagined the bar I might have gone to, and the conversations I might have had as the ship lulled me to sleep.

I woke up to what I can’t imagine was more than a couple hours, and found the same man sitting next to me, a cigarette between his teeth as he glanced over at me.

“My name is Collin if you’ve all but forgotten.” He said the slight annoyance in his voice faint enough to miss, if I hadn't known him so well. The name sending delightful electricity through me, warmth filling my skin despite the cold sea air, a familiar sense of trust settling deep in my stomach.

“I know I trust you...which, for me, is saying something.” I smiled, the edge of his lips twitching up before the serious expression settled back in. My head scrambling for something, anything, to say to this man that I knew I cared for and came up with another blank.

“What..happened?” I asked the sea more than Collin. The waves now reflecting the night sky above me, the big dipper in full view, giving me a sense of comfort that home never had.

“Are you thinking about him..right now?” he asked, my mind filling with images of the man I had thought about when I woke up an uneasiness filling me causing the warmth of Collin’s name to dissipate.

“I don’t know who I’d be thinking about, just that I don’t think it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened that I can’t picture him.” I said a genuine smile filling his face that made it’s way to his eyes, the first time I had seen it do so.

The boat rocked as a few drops fell from the sky warning us of rain though neither of us moved though he moved to sit by me the night scene sitting just behind him. He passed me a flask as I took a drink of the bitter liquid I recognized as rum.

“We met five years ago, when I was in between journeys. I didn’t ask about the bruises on your arms the first time, and all you wanted to ask me about was the sea. As a captain I told you everything you needed to know, and we planned to meet the next morning.” He sighed, the raindrops falling as if orchestrating the tale of lost love he was telling.

“I didn’t meet you, he found me sneaking out that morning.” I said as if a reflex hammer causing my knee to automatically kick had hit my vocal chords. The scene playing in my head as my partners arms pulled me back by the hair.

“I left, of course, and didn’t see you until 5 months later.” he paused his eyes searching mine. “The bruises were on your neck then and all we talked about was running away. Your dreams of the boat you never had… but I was working." he breathed heavily.

"I promised to come back for you, and I always will even if you decide to go back to him now.” he paused, the regret and saltwater mixing in the air causing the sky to cry a little harder. His hands finding mine as I relished in the comfortable and loving feeling. Something I knew wasn’t common in the life I lived. “I left you too soon. When I came back, you were gone. A hospital visit that had left you more broken than you could come back from. Several concussions, eyes you couldn’t see out of, and a for sale sign on the house your grandmother had left you…” he paused.

I could picture the old house with warm toned wood and the sound of the stairs when you walked up them. I also felt the memory of tumbling down them begin to surface as I remembered telling Collin I couldn’t leave the man that had done this to me. Even after everything.

“You found me in a beach town about a week ago. He had only gotten angrier as I had gotten more distant. I thought about you every day, looking at every ship wondering if you had forgotten me.” I paused my eyes storming as hard as the sky above me, the sound of rain on the water better than the static of my teenage television set.

“I never forgot you Megan. Simply lost you for a little while.” he said his hair sticking to his face from the rain. “I found you in a small seaside pub where you barely looked up. You had always been so full of hope and…”

“I begged you to take me with you again.” I smiled moving this time to touch his face. Every moment of touching his face before now filling my brain as our heads rested against each others.

“I’m so-” he began his voice trembling, his crew never seeing this side to him, a side I had wondered was just for me, and now knew it was.

“Lucky.” I finished his eyes meeting mine in surprise. “We’re so lucky. To find each other every time.” I said between tiny hiccups. He leaned in as the sea now roared underneath us.

“Megan I-” he started, the men shouting things behind us, as I watched the ropes near us snap.

Pulling us out of another stollen moment, he looked at his crew and ran to help the men on deck as I followed, the mast being pulled down as I watched the lightning hit the sea around us.

“MEGAN!” the voice called out in time for the snapped rope to pull me into the sea, the water covering every inch of me. I thrashed upwards and reached for the life preserver next to me before the next wave crashed me to the bottom. I gulped the water down before pulling back up to the surface seeing the distant ship in the distance.

I thought about starting to swim towards the ship but instead took to my back to look towards the clouds and stars knowing it would clear soon. A smile filling my face as I waded the water, watching the ship turn knowing it would get to me. He would always find me, and I was


About the author

Marie Kynd

An english major that loves a good story, and loves writing one even more.

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