Fix Your Crown & Know Your Worth

by Katheryn Compton 7 months ago in advice

Finding Your Worth in a People Pleasing World

Fix Your Crown & Know Your Worth

We all have a tendency to be people pleasers, especially to those closest to us. It seems that our most intimate relationship hold us to the highest standard, but sometimes, that standard is not all that healthy. We hold weight to every word that they say, whether it is healthy or not, and then we find ourselves in a cycle that looks more like a tornado going through than a pleasant breeze during a hot and humid day. I know I prefaced in my last article how to discern whether your boundaries are healthy or holding you back from the right people. Today, I want to simply encourage you to fix your crown, whether you are a king or a queen. You see, when we know our worth and how valuable we are, we will treat ourselves as such, as well as others. We begin to realize what is and is not acceptable, whether that is in an intimate relationship or a friendship.

Knowing your worth can keep you from settling and I do not care if anyone tells you that your standards are too high and that is why you are single. You just have not found that one that helps you hold your crown on your head and fixes it for you when life gets you down. Sometimes we also hold our own selves to a high standard to the point of perfectionism and it turns into a self-inflicting cycle, one that leaves you feeling less than what you are actually worth. I am here to tell you today, to fix your crown and know your worth. Just a forewarning though, when you do set your worth, it will be a test. People will test you, and if they do, they do not belong in your life. You deserve someone that respects who you are in this moment, but is also willing to hold your hand when you need to make changes for the better. If they are not willing to do that for you, it is time to wave goodbye to them.

Knowing your worth is not just feeling good about yourself though, but is a choice of acting in accordance to what you know about who you are—a queen or king—and then walking that out with confidence. Sometimes when you feel in a rut and you're comparing yourself to others, do not forget to preach to yourself. Motivate and build yourself up consistently, and be comfortable and confident in your skin, flaws and all. In order to love others well, you have to love yourself well first, and that is something that we all forget sometimes. Nurturing your worth will help you keep in mind daily that you are worth far more than that bad boy or bad girl treats you. You are worth far more than the negative self-talk you find yourself doing on a daily basis. If you need to, write it all down. Write down what you love most about yourself and do not forget to include your flaws and imperfections in that list, because they are beautiful too. It is what makes you uniquely you.

So king and queen, fix your crown and know your worth because if you do not set that standard for yourself, how will others know how to treat and respect you? Remember that the first step begins with you and you can do it. You have it within you, whether you know it now or not. I promise you that when you hold yourself to a king or queen standard, the right people will come to you and they will fall in line.

Until next time beloveds, enjoy this adventure!

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