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Ways On Becoming Smarter.

By Catherine Wanjiru NdaiPublished 5 months ago 4 min read


What comes to mind when you think of a smart person? Maybe it's your stereotypical nerd whose nose is constantly buried in a book and wears glasses. But being smart is more than just that. Intelligence is defined by the Oxford dictionary as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Being able to learn so many things and use them is something that can benefit you greatly in your daily life. We're all constantly looking for new ways to get smarter because, after all, most of the time being smart is the key to success. Improving your intelligence may include strengthening cognitive functions like memory, tension, and abstract thinking, among others. With that said, here are five everyday habits that you can do to make you smarter.

1. Use the Protégé Effect (Learn information and teach it to someone).

Have you ever heard of the Protégé effect? It's when someone puts in more effort trying to learn something when preparing to teach it to someone else as compared to when learning it for themselves. According to Bridget Granger Ms, in order to teach something to others, you need to know the topic well enough so that you can explain it simply and be able to answer any questions. When being asked questions, the teacher may identify gaps in their knowledge that they might have missed and subsequently learn more about the topic themselves. So if you want to better understand things around you such as a concept on an upcoming assessment, try explaining or teaching it to someone else. You'll teach someone something new and at the same time probably be able to learn more about it yourself.

2. Music

Do you play an instrument or have you wanted to? You definitely should. According to a review by Ann Staklosa of St John Fisher University, playing a musical instrument has been shown to increase cognitive ability through enhanced neuronal communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain resulting in positive effects on learning memory, fine motor skills, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Playing a musical instrument can also be rewarding both emotionally and physiologically. Music can also serve as an outlet for emotional expression. It's never too late to start a new instrument or even pick back up on when you used to play if you have any hobbies that you've neglected. It's not a bad idea to revisit some of them and unlock some of your old skills again.

3. Make Smart Friends

Surrounding yourself with smarter people can actually make you smarter. In a study from the University of Florida, researchers examined levels of intelligence in adolescence and their peers. They found a trend: people related to more intelligent peers had an IQ that was higher than expected. When accounting for intelligence tests taken years ago in adolescence, especially simply becoming a part of a social circle with more intelligent people positively affected people's intelligence. Psychologists found that it was because the group of smarter friends motivated each other to develop their intellectual abilities as much as possible. Since the study focused mainly on adolescence, we don't know if adults would be affected in the same way but it's still worth a shot. Having smart friends can often make for an interesting experience.

4. Meditate

Let's meditate for a quick moment. Take a deep breath in. Hold and breathe out, eyes and slow. Repeat three times. Simply be conscious that you are breathing. Do you feel better? Maybe even more at peace? Meditation can actually make you smarter. In a 2014 study, Harvard researcher Dr. Tim Guard and others found that meditation can reduce decline in some types of cognition and even brain structure. They found a positive correlation between mindfulness with fluid intelligence, which is the ability to learn, assess, and navigate new situations. Meditation has also been found to increase attention span and working memory. Meditation can take place in many different forms. Try listening to a guided meditation using an app or even doing it on your own.

5. Write Write Write

Do you ever feel like you can't think straight or that your mind is cloudy? Well, writing can help. Other Claudia Altucher says that many successful people write every day for a reason. Writing things down forces people to clarify their thoughts into more concrete representations which takes a lot of effort, but once you do it regularly, it becomes easier over time and your thoughts will become clearer. She also mentions that you'll also have fewer doubts about your own thoughts. Increasing the clarity of your thoughts can make you smarter. Try making it a habit to write some of your thoughts in a journal every day; you'll be surprised about how deep your mind runs and what you're able to put down on paper. Being smart is being able to use quick wits to apply intelligence.

There are so many healthy habits that you can incorporate that can make you smarter, including the ones listed in this article. Using them can make life more fulfilling, and problem-solving is easier. Which of these habits are you going to use to make you smarter? Let us know in the comments. If you enjoyed this article, please remember to like and subscribe.


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